Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving and Getting 2008

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, this one a little different from those before.  I had back surgery on November 10 and have been confined to the house and unable to lift ANYTHING, so my wonderful children volunteered to come to my house and cook the meal AND clean up.  I tell you, adult children are God's gift for all the nights you sat up rocking and singing those crying infants.  :) 

My housekeeper came on Tuesday and helped get out the linens and set the table. Thanksgiving 2008 002                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Everything looked so  pretty andThanksgiving 2008 042 tasted so good.  The kids were in rare form, too.  Adorable little tikes, they are! Thanksgiving 2008 015 Thanksgiving 2008 043

April and I wore cute little Thanksgiving aprons (because Barbie wouldn't wear hers, I did.)  David did the lifting and even mashed the potatoes for us!  Barbie cleaned and cleaned in the kitchen, she is a whizz at that, for sure.  Thanksgiving 2008 020 Thanksgiving 2008 021 Thanksgiving 2008 059

The weather was perfect and the kids (with Mimi played outside all afternoon).  Of course we couldn't get the hot tub going so we canned that and built a wet fire. 

We all thanked God for something before the prayer was offered and my grandbabies are so adorable.  3 year old Hayden thanked God for Chuckie Cheese, 5 year old Sydney for her dog and her cat, 6 year old Tristin for God and his church and 13 year old Kristin for her dog Jake.  It is just so important to actually GIVE THANKS for all the wonderful things we have to be thankful for. Thanksgiving 2008 052