Monday, April 20, 2009


What, no pictures tonight? Nope. Just me, running around like a chicken trying to finish up packing for my "big trip" tomorrow. I am FINALLY beginning to get a little bit excited, even though when I left Mom tonight she was trying hard not to cry. I saw her standing in the window watching me until I was out of sight. I am truly not too worried about her. I have a trusted friend who will check on her every day and I have tried to get her a full schedule during my absence. Church on Sundays, bunco this Tuesday, Bible study on Tuesdays and Thursdays, choir practice Thursday night, Wal-Mart with Gail on Thursday, doggy Dr. next Monday, you get the picture.

Finally got an ink cartridge that fits this cheap printer (now I know why it was cheap, the ink is NOT). Checked in online and printed out what seemed like reams of paperwork just to get on a plane. I had forgotten about a FOUR hour layover in New York. Heck, I should go see a play while I wait, lol.

I thought I did not possess enough clothes to pack for 10 days. Oops, guess I do. Can't even tell I packed any. Of course I'm packing mostly slacks and I rarely wear them. I wear skirt suits and dresses almost every day of my life, but guess I've been buying pants whether I can wear them or not. Well, hey, you never know when you might need them.

Brother Wayne emailed me the rental car agreement, I guess so I would know how much my part is to pay him. Not too bad for a Mercedes. I was impressed until he told me that a Mercedes is just a "standard" car in Germany. Okay, I can still be impressed if I want to.

Don't know if I will get an opportunity to post while I am away, but am taking my Dell "mini 9" toy with me to at least keep a journal of my expedition. I hope we get to see lots of places as I am sure I will never get to return there again. Heck, I never thought I'd get to go the first time.
Will have lots of pictures upon my return, so you all keep me in you prayers that I will return home safely.

Until then,

Friday, April 17, 2009


Today was a day not unlike many others. We had a funeral this morning and naturally, that took up most of the morning. I had MANY personal errands to run today (getting ready for my big trip next week) and got that out of the way as soon as the funeral was over.
Mother found her checkbook (hiding from her in the dirty clothes basket), the dog Belle is healing from her little surgery, bank deposits made, prescription drugs picked up, laundry picked up and I am actually beginning to think about packing.
I leave on Tuesday for a whirlwind trip to Europe with my brother, his wife along with their son and daughter-in-law. I will prove to be the epitome of the phrase "fifth wheel".
A situation developed today at work that became rather sticky and led me to today's title. We had hired someone to do some work for us, straight out. While doing this work, he discovered another, larger problem. He finished the other jobs today and presented me with an invoice which I promptly paid.
Prior to this particular situation, we had customarily used another person to do this kind of work. When we initially needed the work done, this man was in the hospital and unable to help us, hence we called the man who DID the work ( Iwill refer to him as #2).
Okay, #1 comes to the office today to ask about why #2 did the work and received the explanation. He had heard about the new and larger problem and called #2 to ask for a meeting to assess the damage so that an estimate of the work could be prepared. WHOA, #1 just assumed since he had done that work for us in the past, that he would do this also. #2 assumed that since he had done such a good job while #1 was out, that HE would do the job. Everybody made an assumption and everybody was wrong. You know, just while typing this, I have come to the conclusion that I think they should BOTH give us separate estimates and lowest bid wins. Just like the big boys do, I think it would work.
Nobody has to be upset and we give them both an opportunity. Wish I had a picture of a light bulb to post here "bright idea". After work I went to check on Mom since her phone will not be turned on in the new place until Monday. Then home to hastily change clothes and on to Mike and Gail's for a scrumptious home-cooked beef roast with all the trimmings. She is such a great cook.
Of course there was a special reason for a feast in the middle of the week. Their long-time friends Cecil and Carol are there for a few days from Alabama. They were here for my Mardi Gras party and I just love them. It was good to catch up with all their news tonight.
Now back home and procrastinating with the checkbook and shower. Checkbook, shower, checkbook, shower? Well, I will go now and do _________.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moving Day

I know, I know, I haven't been on here in such a long time that many of you thought I had given up the blog. No, that is not the case, it's just that I haven't been able to get my thoughts together for a while. That may sound strange, but if you just turned 56 two days ago, it may NOT sound so strange after all.
My Mother moved to Hopkinsville in a senior apartment complex after my Dad died last year, but at the time all they had available was a studio apartment for her. Of course, she immediately put her name on the list for a bigger unit and it has taken all this time to get it. But perservere she did, and today was moving day! You can see how little the studio was, her couch was right up against the foot of her bed. Of course, Miss Belle likes that, as she can jump up on the couch and then to the bed with no problem.
When I got there this morning, I found that Mom had already loaded a shopping cart with things to move (up one floor on the elevator) and pushed it into the bathroom to be out of the way of the movers.
And speaking of Belle, she had surgery yesterday and spent last night at the Vet's office, then came home to a new abode today. She sure was excited to see us and I worried that she probably cried all night last night. Now she has a new home and I just hope that won't be too much for her. She sure is a sweet little puppy and my Mom loves her so much.

Okay, by this time my niece Bunny is on her way to help as I had to leave for a Dr.'s appointment in Nashville. Mom is POOPED and ready to let the next crew take over. She is not anxious to move again. Okay, she vowed NEVER to move again, even to a new apartment in the same building. I will hold her to that!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Southern Womens Show

Today was the opening day for the annual Southern Womens Show in Nashville and it just happened to be my day off this week as I am working this weekend. I bought discount tickets at Kroger yesterday and picked up my friend Gail early today and off we went for a day in Nashville.The next two pictures are of some of the "loot" I managed to bring back home with me today! I love the vendors and the shows. I love spending a day with a friend and just being "away", even if only for a while. I think my Grandchildren will LOVE the sand buckets this summer at the beach. Even the 14 year old will play patiently with the younger ones so I got her one, too :)

This is a picture of the exhibit hall as we arrived this morning. It was already a madhouse (but not like it will be come Saturday!) I don't know where on earth all these ladies come from.

This is Gail and we are trying out different mixes for dips. Of course we both bought several. We both entertain a lot and are always looking for something new and different that tastes great to serve. We actually both bought a "dip chiller" at this booth.

By lunchtime we are starving and can only find two places to eat. Wow, $16.00 for 2 hamburgers (and not very good hamburgers, either.)
Not long after the burger event we heard a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning and decided it was time to take our leave. I had already spent too much money anyway. We managed to get out of Nashville before we ran into the storm, but it was pretty hazardous driving for most of the trip.
We are now home, the storm has subsided and I am left with a dining room table full of "goodies". What a good day this was!
My dip mixes and shopping fixes will just have to last........until next year!