Thursday, April 2, 2009

Southern Womens Show

Today was the opening day for the annual Southern Womens Show in Nashville and it just happened to be my day off this week as I am working this weekend. I bought discount tickets at Kroger yesterday and picked up my friend Gail early today and off we went for a day in Nashville.The next two pictures are of some of the "loot" I managed to bring back home with me today! I love the vendors and the shows. I love spending a day with a friend and just being "away", even if only for a while. I think my Grandchildren will LOVE the sand buckets this summer at the beach. Even the 14 year old will play patiently with the younger ones so I got her one, too :)

This is a picture of the exhibit hall as we arrived this morning. It was already a madhouse (but not like it will be come Saturday!) I don't know where on earth all these ladies come from.

This is Gail and we are trying out different mixes for dips. Of course we both bought several. We both entertain a lot and are always looking for something new and different that tastes great to serve. We actually both bought a "dip chiller" at this booth.

By lunchtime we are starving and can only find two places to eat. Wow, $16.00 for 2 hamburgers (and not very good hamburgers, either.)
Not long after the burger event we heard a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning and decided it was time to take our leave. I had already spent too much money anyway. We managed to get out of Nashville before we ran into the storm, but it was pretty hazardous driving for most of the trip.
We are now home, the storm has subsided and I am left with a dining room table full of "goodies". What a good day this was!
My dip mixes and shopping fixes will just have to last........until next year!


Lesa said...

I'm glad you had a "get-away day"! You deserve it as busy as you have been lately!
The kittens have arrived. Check out my blog for pictures!

Bunny Cates, said...

well, I sure wish someone loved me enough to invite me on a "away" day.
*sob sob*

Marie Reed said...

I think that it's great that you got the 14 year old a bucket too! My sons have Easter vacation right now so we spent the day at the beach playing in the sand. Needless to say I wish that I had had an extra bucket for myself!

Kristi J said...

looks like lots of fun...Haven't see you post or heard from you in a while..Making sure you're not sick :) Hope you had a great Easter, Kristi

Sheri Carpetenter said...

I know this is way late lol. I totally missed the womens show and really wanted to be there. I just wanted to let you know that I just started writing for the and I used one of your event booth pictures in my article. It does give credit back here to your blog as well.
I was looking for photos from the Nashville women's show and yours popped right out at me in google lol.