Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Faith in Man

I was off work this past weekend and it was busy, busy, busy. Then upon returning to work yesterday, I found that it was a total madhouse. Seven families to serve! It is working out, though, as it always does. We had two funerals today and another visitation tonight, but then we had another death call this afternoon. It is strange how this funeral business seems to ebb and flow. One week we are too busy to catch our collective breaths and the next week all is quiet. Well, God calls us at his will, not ours. The picture below was a local pastor of a Christian church here in western Kentucky. I just thought it humorous to catch him working in the back of his van while waiting in the parking lot for his wife during a visitation last night. My daughter and her family are enjoying spring break this week and are in Gatlinburg, TN. I spoke to her tonight and they are, indeed, enjoying themselves. I will get photos next week, I'm sure and can't help but share a few here.
On to more serious things, as I have been having serious thoughts these past few days. It seems I never learn about the frailty of man and the human nature in us all. I continue, after all these 55 years, to trust and believe. I have such faith in people that I now know my name suits me. I am truly a "pollyanna". If I could only learn that people are human and will never live up to MY expectations of them, them maybe I would stop being so disappointed in them. But wouldn't that just make me a "Scrooge"? The problem is not the behavior of others, it's the expectations I have of them.
People can hurt you and never know it. People can hurt you purposely. It can be a one-time thing or it can last for years. Sometimes you know it and are able to accept it but sometimes it is something you never even know about until it has reached a magnificent stage. Then the soul-searching begins and you know that as a Christian, you must forgive them, even if they don't seek forgiveness and only intend to justify their actions. I have certainly been praying that I can be a more forgiving person. I only want to be as good as God expects me to be. Now THAT'S a pretty lofty goal.
I feel a little better after writing about this. I continue to hope and to pray.

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Kristi J said...

wow..what a job you have...I can't imagine the emotions with all that!! Thanks for your sweet comment...we're all so excited and can't wait to hold our baby girl :) kristi