Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Bits and Pieces

Friday was the last time this year for Tristin to wrestle and believe it or not, I had not been able to see him at all. Since I was finally off when he was wrestling, off I went. He has been sick this week with an earache and is on antibiotics and ear drops but wanted to try nevertheless. The picture above is how he REALLY felt. I don't care how old and big he thinks he is, he is still my "baby". I hate to see him cry. His ear was hurting and the headgear was bothering it.
Mom's lap always makes everything feel better, though.

Since the State Meet was over for the year (and we KNOW who the Ky. State Wrestling Champion is this year) his coach wanted him to wrestle one class UP. He wrestled with a 7 year old who was much bigger and still came in second. I was so proud of him. I still get a little nervous when I watch fearing he will get hurt. I guess that's just natural, though.
I didn't go anywhere yesterday but got lots of laundry caught up and Mother and Belle came over for a few hours. I enjoyed the time with them and it was a good break for me.
I have spent most of the weekend creating and compiling an "Employee Manual" for my work. It is neither easy nor fun, but at least I have the peace and quiet to do it here. It is almost always a zoo at work. The phone is ringing or people are stopping in my office at all times so there is absolutely NO privacy there.
I did get to church this morning and it always makes me feel better after I have gone. Back home and back to work. Late in the afternoon a friend of mine, Florence and her daughter Annie came and hot-tubbed it for a while. We had a good visit. In an earlier post, I mentioned Flo's Mother who is very ill. She is still in the hospital in ICU but is much better and off the ventilator. Thank you all for your prayers for her.

Annie is just a doll and I am always glad when she comes over. She has a way of making me feel younger.
Today is drawing to a close and I still have not typed the now-hated employee manual. My printer ran out of ink, I went to change the cartridge and the new one is one digit off and of course, does not fit. I have some of this on a jump drive at work and left it at work. I now have found a NEW jump drive here at home and will just start typing it all over again, I guess. AARGH! I think I will be glad when this day is done.


Bunny Cates, said...

You know you have a neice who would gladly type as you dictated, if you would only invite her over and tempt her kindness with something smooth and chocolatey!

Jay Eckhaus said...

I read about your experience writing an Employee Manual. I commend you on your efforts.

As an attorney and founder of I have been writing employee manuals for many years.

I'm sure you know how important it is that the policies you are writing comply with both your state's laws and federal laws, and that you keep the policies up to date as laws change.

Congratulations on your project.