Monday, March 23, 2009

Old Polly Pictures

Took Mom to church tonight. I know, I know, it's Monday, but our church started revival last night and I was taking call so we couldn't go. I have many obligations this week so it looks like tonight and tomorrow night are IT. She is disappointed but they are obligations I can't seem to wiggle out of.
Since we went to church I didn't have much to write about tonight (unless some of you are Missionary Baptist and like to hear the sermon) so I dug out some old pictures of me. This might not be a good thing. This is a picture of my older brother and best friend all through life Rodney and me. I can hardly believe he hugged me! This is NOT a common thing for him to do. He is more of the pushing away kind of guy. He lives in southern Illinois now and has for the past several years and I don't get to see him much anymore. For some weird reason he thinks it is more important to make a living than to run back and forth to see his sister. I don't get that?
Now this is a picture of me when I was probably 17 years old. No, I never had the acne problem but I was never a raving beauty, either. I just like this picture because it's black and white and the fact that I can hardly remember being this young.

I remember THIS picture very well. I was about 35 and even though the hair looks "funny" today, it didn't look too bad that day. I think women are their most beautiful between the ages of 32-37.......course I could just be saying that about me.

And THIS is one of my favorite pictures of me with my Mom. I was actually living in Key West at the time and totally miserable in my life. She was, like all Moms, always there whenever she could be, to lift me up and make me feel secure in her love and protection for me. Of course, she still loves me, but Alzheimer's is stealing her away and now I am HER protector.

And this is my favorite picture of me with both my Mom and Dad. It was just a good day. We were at a family reunion in Nortonville, KY and I did NOT want to be there. They were so happy with each other back then. I still miss my Dad. I missed him growing up and I miss him now. The difference is that growing up there was always the hope that he would come back (and he did) but now I know he is with God and I won't see him in this place again. I will go to him.


Bunny Cates, said...

some of my fav photos today TOO!

hope you're having a great day!

Lesa said...

Great pictures Polly! Loved the hair!
I know what you mean about Alzheimer's stealing your Mom away. My mother has Alzheimer's also and some days it's like I have already lost her. I just have to cherish the good days and look forward to them although they are now few and far between.
Have a great rest of the week and try not to work very hard!

Kristi J said...

Oh, what great pics!! I love the teen were and still are beautiful!! What great skin you had!! Good luck with your kitty...hope you get one to stick around, kristi