Friday, March 6, 2009

Beautiful March Weather

April and Tristin

Kristin and her cousin Austin

5 inches and still coming down!

Today was such a gorgeous day in Kentucky! I didn't have time to look at a thermometer today but I know it must have been close to 70 degrees outside! But lest we forget, I have posted some photos from this time LAST year! Wow, it could surely happen again. They say if you don't like the weather in Kentucky, just hang around a few minutes, it will change. So today I am thankful for the weather and just praying it lasts a while.
Of course, I was at work today and didn't get home until dark from Mother's. I had planned to go to the Home Show at 5 for a "Business After Hours" but was still too tied up at work to get away. I love the Home Shows for all the great ideas I get for fixing up things around the house that I can't afford to do. Well, maybe next year!
As I was coming home from Mom's this evening I happened to notice this flashing message in my car. Heck, I've been driving around Hopkinsville with no GAS! I know I was on fumes when I finally got to the pump tonight. I absolutely just forget to look. How embarrassing that would be! I am old enough to pay attention to those things but I just FORGET!
Okay, gas in the car now and I finally got the mail out of the box. Sometimes I don't do that for a few days unless I am looking for money. Heck, all that's in there is junk and bills so what's the hurry I say???
At least it is on my desk now and I usually roll over to that desk once a week whether I want to or not. (Not today)
Okay, I know I am rambling but I am hungry and trying to avoid the chocolate eggs I bought. Why did I buy chocolate eggs? Because Easter is coming? Well, okay. Easter can come but no other PEOPLE are going to be here. hmmmm, guess I will be forced to eat them.
But I am good. I will wait until AFTER Easter.

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