Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catching Up !!

Sorry I've not been blogging lately but life has a way of getting "out-of-control" busy and I am just now settling back down from that "busy-ness".

Polly, Rodney and Wayne

Wayne, Polly and Rodney

Rodney, Polly and Wayne

Did you figure it out yet that I have two brothers? Yep, I'm the middle child and the only girl. Was I spoiled rotten? Of course, by myself, lol. In all seriousness, Wayne was the spoiled child but Rodney and I ganged up and picked on him so it kind of evened itself out. Rodney is the oldest and lives in Southern Illinois. He has a blog on here that he contributes to rarely, lol. (See my link on the right to WFox). Wayne is the youngest and lives in northern Indiana. Wayne is the only one of us who remained married so I have a sister-in-law, Bridget, who is an odd gal that I love dearly. Short, short mention but I was going through some old pictures to make a video for my Mom's 80th birthday this spring and keep running into pictures that I like so I'll share a few occasionally here.

Storm Damage
This is a photo of the little house in western Kentucky that my parents lived in until a year or so ago when my Dad died and my Mom moved to Hopkinsville. Between the ice storm we had and a major wind storm last month, the roof suffered some major damage. The adjustor met me there on Tuesday BEFORE work. It was 13 degrees outside, the wind was howling and I was not a happy camper !!
Mom's House

He said he would call me and let me know how much he thought it would cost for repairs but alas, it is Thursday night now and I am still waiting. So much for the big hurry to get there so he could assess damages.

Tomorrow is another work day so I will not stay here long..

Until next time,


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Bunny Cates, said...

dayum. I didnt know grannys house got mangled. crap.

just swinging by to let you know that it WAS in a ponytail. When is the last time you saw my hair DOwN? think about it.

I was talking and shut the door and caught it in the dang door and started to walk off but was um.... attached.

I found a hair cut I like, but I dont know. will email you pics later.