Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Road Warrior

Today was just such a busy day at work. Busy, busy, busy. But with my job there is a high degree of confidentiality so I won't go into detail except to say I did meet with a family this afternoon, ordered a vault, worked with a monument company about a marker for a family, reordered a casket, called my insurance man and had a GREAT lunch at the local mexican place.
By 4:00 when I had to pick Mother up for her Dr.'s appointment, I was only about half finished with what needed to be done, but off I go anyway. It is not easy to re-schedule an appointment with this particular Dr. She is not ready and not waiting so I had to park the car and go find her.
While waiting in the reception area I got a text message from my daughter telling me she had taken my oldest granddaughter to the Dr. (in a town 2 hours away from me) with severe abdominal pain of unknown origin. Severe enough that the Dr. was sending her somewhere ELSE for an ultrasound.
Unbeknownst to me at the time (since I was here with Mother) the Dr. called her while she was enroute for the ultrasound saying he had changed his mind about that and thought she should just go directly to the Emergency Room.
By the time I got Mother back to my house and returned her latest call, things were going from bad to worse. They had started an I.V. for her and even given her morphine. That must have been SOME pain.
A joint decision was made by Mother and me that I may as well get in the car and move on since I would be no good to anyone here. I packed enough clothes for 3 days, maintenance drugs and cosmetics and swung by work to complete enough work for someone to take over in the event I didn't return.After 2 hours of hard driving I arrived at the hospital in time to find out that my sweet 14 year old girl had PASSED A KIDNEY STONE! I never dreamed 14 year olds even GOT kidney stones. The CT scan showed an extremely enlarged ureter and no stone but the Dr. says a stone passing is about the only thing he'd ever seen to cause that.
Her pain subsided but we don't know if it was due to morphine or due to the stone being OUT but they finally released her with pain meds.
She is on her way home to her bed, her Mom will go to work tomorrow and I travelled 2 MORE hours back in this direction.
But my heart is full, my extreme anxiety is now eased and I am glad I made the trip.
Thank you God (again!)
And once again, my cup runneth over........

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Bunny Cates, said...

well good lord. least she's home!