Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mystified and Concerned

Of all the things I do on a semi-regular basis, going to Wal-Mart is at the top of the "things I hate to do" list. But it was time, Mother needed too many things that would dictate going all over town for.
I needed a few groceries so while we were there, took my own cart and decided to stock up. Amidst the screaming babies and generally disgruntled population of shoppers, I managed to dissassociate myself from my surroundings and get the job done.
Being known for having panic attacks in that madness, I find this is the way for me to cope with it. BUT comparing prices of various things and making decisions about store brand vs. Wally brand gave me great pause.
HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS? People who have children and a budget, people who are out of work and drawing unemployment to survive? People with a houseful to feed?
My great grand total came to almost $300. and I feed no one but myself. I don't cook a lot, trust me. These were staples for my kitchen and a few, very few, extra things thrown in.
One more thing to worry about. The economy cannot continue in this way. My own children must struggle to find money for groceries with creative mealtimes and still pay mortgages and utilities.
One more thing, yesterday was Friday the 13th and I had a humorous moment in the pasta aisle. I was trying to get a couple of cans of generic something and every time I picked up a can (from the top) two more fell in the floor. There was a couple deep in conversation a few feet away from me and they stopped in mid-sentence and finally were laughing out loud. I finally put down my purse (a no-no in Wal-Mart) and sat down on the floor to TRY to get this display back to its original form. The mystery finally subsided, as did the laughter of the 3 of us, and the cans were ALL where they should be. I blamed it all on the superstition of the day....


Bunny Cates, said...

Groceries ARE crazy high right now! We spend between $280 - $320 every single weekend, plus by Tues/Wed we have to go back for more Milk and pop.

Sometimes when we are checking out, I really do wonder HOW we got by when our only income was $140/wk.

Aisle cleanup on 4....
I would've left that shit for a clerk to pick up! Thats what they get paid for! If they would have stocked it right to begin with that never wouldve happened.

Lesa said...

I have been enjoying your blog for awhile now and thought I would finally drop in a say hello!

I am also amazed by grocery prices! We are already planning for a garden this year and canning our veggies. I hate to go Walmart - all the people and noise drive me crazy! We went the other night and saw at least 3 people in their PJs! What is this all about?? Don't people care about how they look in public?

Have a great week - hope you aren't too busy!