Thursday, March 12, 2009

Too Much!

My niece Bunny LIKES this picture of me with double chin intact writing away but I think its' one of the worst ever made.
Anyway, I've been thinking today that sometimes life just seems like it's "too much" for me. I live alone and cannot for the life of me manage to keep up with everything. I truly don't remember how I did it when my children were small and there must have been many more things to keep up with.
There's work. Keeping up there okay. It is actually my weekend off so that is a good thing.
The house. There is always something needing to be done. Many things, actually. Right now there are dishes in the sink and laundry to be ironed. A couple of loads to wash.
The phone is still working even though I guess I would much rather blog than turn around to the desk behind me and write a check. How hard is that? Anyway, the money is there, the simple task is just not yet done.
I still need to get the Mardi Gras wreath off the front door and dig out one for spring. The yard is a total wreck. The iris' are coming up quickly and that bed is screaming for my attention.
Mom needs to go to the Wal-Mart. The dog needs to go to the groomer.
My brother Wayne and his wife need me to drive up to northern Indiana one weekend that I'm off to help plan our trip to Europe next month.
I STILL have not seen the famous 6 year old 2009 Kentucky State Champion wrestler in a meet this year (and there are only two left)!
There seems to be a meeting or some even that I need to attend almost every weeknight. (Even though I do manage to skip out on some of them.)
The invitations I ordered for Mom's 80th birthday event are LATE so getting them out will be late. I should already have mailed the "Save the Date" cards.
It sounds like I am whining (for which I am well known) but I just don't seem to be managing my time well at ALL lately. What is that about?
Then there are those things that I just WANT to do. I want to strip the wallpaper off the main bathroom and paint it. It is so dark and drab. This paper was in that room when I bought this house 8 years ago. I want to really spring clean this year, not just make a pass at it.
I want to lose 20 pounds but I LOVE to eat. Worse than that, I LOVE my own cooking!
Okay, I need to take a time management class or something, but I just don't have time!

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Bunny Cates, said...

I cant keep up either. You would think it would be easier for me, since I work AT HOME. But I swear, having an online business, people forget that Im a MOM too! Im just expected to BE THERE. NOW. If I'm not the phone rings. SO I spend 80% of my day in the dang office, and EVERYTHING else falls behind.

My point: Its not just you honey. LOL. Invest in some post-it-notes and then avoid them like I do.

blogging is ALWAYS better then paying bills!

Going out for Sandys birthday today, wanna do lunch with us?