Sunday, March 15, 2009

To Lexington and Back

My daughter April has a great sister-in-law named Jo who happened to WIN tickets to see Disney on Ice in Lexington for last night. She wasn't able to go herself so passed the tickets on to my daughter. April's husband Bruce just returned from a week's fishing trip in Alabama and claimed to be too tird to go, so I got the invitation! (He really wanted to go to a friend's house and watch Louisville win the Big East tournament.)
It was a rainy, dreary 2 1/2 hour drive to the little town where I met up with April and the children. Everybody was hungry but decided to wait until we got to Lexington to eat since we had to keep an eye on the clock and weren't sure how long the drive was. Tom-Tom is not ALWAYS a reliable old fella.

Tristin really thinks he looks pretty cool with his hat on backwards but the truth is, he said he just didn't feel like "fixing" his hair yesterday. Man, that kid cracks me up sometimes. Thank goodness his rash caused from the reaction to his medication has finally cleared up. He lost a tooth one day last week but the new one is already bigger than the baby tooth was so he had to show me which one is was.

The show itself was a regular Disney extravaganza and was fabulous in every way. We all loved watching the skaters with their spectacular routines. I was shocked (and I don't know why) at how obscenely expensive everything was. Of course I was prepared, but I was still shocked. Popcorn was $15. (it had gold crown attached to it), snow cones were $10 (in a commemorative mug), the program was $ get the gist of it. Ridiculous but grandmothers have well-known reputations for being suckers.

My Kristin girl even had a good time. She is growing up so fast! Her braces come off TOMORROW after more than 2 years and she is ready. She has an appointment when she leaves the orthodontist's office to go straight to her hygienist and have them cleaned. She has promised to send pictures and I can hardly wait.
The drive home last night was long and hard. Arrival was after 2:00 a.m. and I absolutely slept right through church time. Guilt about missing church does exist, but forgiveness stands ready.
Tomorrow is another Monday and the beginning of a LONG work schedule. But God is good and I have the health to do it. I am lucky to have a job and health insurance to go along with it.
Thankful for my family and all my blessings is what I feel tonight.
Until next time.....

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Marie Reed said...

15 dollars for popcorn! That is really an outrage! I'm glad that you were prepared.. I think that I would have fainted!