Monday, July 21, 2008

Parties at Polly's

Whew, another party has come and gone. I had a very successful Christmas dinner party for 10 or 12 of my closest friends, then came Mardi Gras time and I threw a HUGE party (in the house). Umm. Lots of folks came. Shared lots of fun. Anyway, it just seems that I am ALWAYS planning to have a party or just had one. It is SO much work and does not come cheap. So why do I do this? WHY? Do I just want to be the one without a designated driver (because I live here)? Do I want to invite people that I know wouldn't get invited anywhere else? Do I just love all my friends that much? I think so to all of the above. I live alone and as much as I talk about how I love it, I must not love it all the time. I surely do love my house and love my company. The work is getting to me, though. Sunday morning I had to get up and scoot off to church and then work all afternoon just to get this place put back together. Lots of work. Will I do this again soon? Heck no ! (Ask me again this time next week)

Monday, July 14, 2008


Mondays have for many years now, been the bane of my existence. I dread the day upon awakening, knowing that all those problems cropping up over the weekend, whether real or imagined, will be brought to my attention as soon as my arrival is noted at work. It never lets up and in fact, on many Mondays, seems to create more work than was there initially. Nevertheless, I trudge through it and Monday always manages to draw to a close and I realize that I have survived it yet again, amazingly. Payroll is first, unless something unbeknownst to me, jumps ahead in line, which is often the case. After payroll are the reports; a myriad of reports to generate ABOUT the aforementioned payroll. People to deal with and more people to deal with. And, of course, the telephone that never stops ringing on a Monday morning. Usually a funeral has been scheduled for Monday morning since most folks will put that off. The main reason for that particular item of note is the difference in cost. Cemeteries charge an exorbitant amount of money to bury folks on the weekend. NOBODY wants to work on the weekend, but they WILL, for a fee, of course. I heard you chuckle, but yes, for a fee you can get just about anybody to do just about anything. Hence the Monday morning funerals. Okay, it IS Monday, I AM at work and I do NOT have time to blog. I'm coming, I'm coming......

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Letting Go

I was speaking with a newer employee earlier today and getting to know him a little better by sharing some past histories. In doing so, I discovered a few truths about myself. Being a divorced lady for some time now, I often find myself "explaining" to others what I think my differences in attitude are and therefore, how I became that way. It inevitably leads back to the divorce several years ago, but I see now that I have come full circle with this matter of forgiveness. I have been able to let go of unanswered questions, blame-placing and hard feelings. The feeling now is ambivalence and it is good. I truly have gotten on with my life. Someone asked where he lives now and if he is married again. My answer is consistent, " I don't know. It truly doesn't matter any more." I have let go. My faith and my family sustain me. Praise God.