Sunday, July 13, 2008

Letting Go

I was speaking with a newer employee earlier today and getting to know him a little better by sharing some past histories. In doing so, I discovered a few truths about myself. Being a divorced lady for some time now, I often find myself "explaining" to others what I think my differences in attitude are and therefore, how I became that way. It inevitably leads back to the divorce several years ago, but I see now that I have come full circle with this matter of forgiveness. I have been able to let go of unanswered questions, blame-placing and hard feelings. The feeling now is ambivalence and it is good. I truly have gotten on with my life. Someone asked where he lives now and if he is married again. My answer is consistent, " I don't know. It truly doesn't matter any more." I have let go. My faith and my family sustain me. Praise God.