Monday, July 21, 2008

Parties at Polly's

Whew, another party has come and gone. I had a very successful Christmas dinner party for 10 or 12 of my closest friends, then came Mardi Gras time and I threw a HUGE party (in the house). Umm. Lots of folks came. Shared lots of fun. Anyway, it just seems that I am ALWAYS planning to have a party or just had one. It is SO much work and does not come cheap. So why do I do this? WHY? Do I just want to be the one without a designated driver (because I live here)? Do I want to invite people that I know wouldn't get invited anywhere else? Do I just love all my friends that much? I think so to all of the above. I live alone and as much as I talk about how I love it, I must not love it all the time. I surely do love my house and love my company. The work is getting to me, though. Sunday morning I had to get up and scoot off to church and then work all afternoon just to get this place put back together. Lots of work. Will I do this again soon? Heck no ! (Ask me again this time next week)

1 comment:

Bunny Cates, said...

Am I your first commentor?
well woohoo for me!!!
what do I win?

I think you have parties, ma'am, becuase you happen to be a fun lady. And fun lady's like crazy things like.. oh ... I dont know... like being around other people for one.

I dont quite understand it, but there you go. LOL..

Love you!