Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Excuse to Party

It seems as I get older I find a need to create fun, it doesn't just "happen" to me anymore. Of course there is always a good friend's birthday or a holiday coming up so that has proven not to be a difficult task.
Last night was no exception. My friend Gail was celebrating a birthday which just happened to fall on a Saturday. GREAT excuse to gather with friends for a good time, plenty of food and drink and just general fun. There's that word again.
Frank and Gwen perusing the menu at Dot's
Several of her friends (me being among them and the designated photographer of the group) gathered together at a local restaurant in the bar upstairs to surprise her. Her poor husband Mike had driven all over town and done everything in his power to delay their arrival so as to give all of us time to get there. He was so funny. She was getting really ticked off and was READY to eat by the time HE made the restaurant decision.
Mike and Gail arriving
Of course she truly WAS shocked and surprised as you can see by the look on her face. It is just so much fun doing things like this.

This is a Family Picture of Mike, Gail and their adopted son Frank

A few of Gail's friends looking really Happy????

Sam Leonard

Another reason we chose to go where we did was because Sam, in the picture above, was scheduled to play in the bar last night. I had hired Sam to sing at my Mardi Gras party this year and everybody really liked him. He's an aspiring musician and on his way up so I try to support him every way I can. He's on facebook if anyone's interested.
She got lots of nice gifts, everybody ate too much and some drank a little :) Proving once again that birthdays can be fun at any age and we don't even need clowns and ponies anymore.
Happy Birthday Gail!

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Kristi J said...

That was too fun! My favorite was her friends NOT looking too happy...What a funny picture you got there!! What a good friend you are...she looked very surprised, :) kristi