Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moving Day

I know, I know, I haven't been on here in such a long time that many of you thought I had given up the blog. No, that is not the case, it's just that I haven't been able to get my thoughts together for a while. That may sound strange, but if you just turned 56 two days ago, it may NOT sound so strange after all.
My Mother moved to Hopkinsville in a senior apartment complex after my Dad died last year, but at the time all they had available was a studio apartment for her. Of course, she immediately put her name on the list for a bigger unit and it has taken all this time to get it. But perservere she did, and today was moving day! You can see how little the studio was, her couch was right up against the foot of her bed. Of course, Miss Belle likes that, as she can jump up on the couch and then to the bed with no problem.
When I got there this morning, I found that Mom had already loaded a shopping cart with things to move (up one floor on the elevator) and pushed it into the bathroom to be out of the way of the movers.
And speaking of Belle, she had surgery yesterday and spent last night at the Vet's office, then came home to a new abode today. She sure was excited to see us and I worried that she probably cried all night last night. Now she has a new home and I just hope that won't be too much for her. She sure is a sweet little puppy and my Mom loves her so much.

Okay, by this time my niece Bunny is on her way to help as I had to leave for a Dr.'s appointment in Nashville. Mom is POOPED and ready to let the next crew take over. She is not anxious to move again. Okay, she vowed NEVER to move again, even to a new apartment in the same building. I will hold her to that!