Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Be Careful What You Ask For

It has been a month today since I took my "blogging hiatus" and so much has happened that there is no starting place. I will begin with the tale that so many of you are familiar with regarding the fact that I cannot keep a cat.
I have had several kittens and even older cats given to me that I have lost count and forgotten most of their names. They come, I love them, I feed and water them, I play with them, I come home and they are gone. Just gone. Vanished.
Sometimes I will drive the car up and down the streets of my subdivision looking for them, but recently I have even given up that effort. It has become a running joke.
A blogging friend even found that she was having a litter and offered me one or two of them. Great! Believe it or not, even that didn't work out. Most of them died at birth or shortly thereafter leaving only one, I believe, for her family to keep.

So, my daughter called me shortly before a planned visit and asked if I would take a cat that had "appeared" at their house a month or so ago. My son-in-law is definitely NOT a cat lover and of course, I say, bring it on.
I am told her name is Sophie and she is adorable. From these pictures one would agree.
Okay, it was NOT love at first sight. The cat is a bitch. I walked out onto the deck and she attacked me! She bites me like a dog. I have never seen a cat with claws so long or sharp!
My granddaughter has a mini-pincer who is terrified of her. As am I.
The kids left and returned home, leaving Sophie with me. I am now afraid to go out to the deck to feed her, for when I do, I know I will be attacked. It has been a few days now. Sophie is still here. I am still fearful of her. I know my place.
I know I finally have the cat that will never leave. HELP !!

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Lesa said...

I have heard it said - "You do not own a cat, a cat owns you!"

By the way - Muffin is still looking for a home. I'm hoping my niece will take her when school is out! She has your luck with cats!