Sunday, May 31, 2009


Wayne and I both arrived for breakfast at the appointed time of 8:30, again with no sign of the others. They came staggering in one at a time until we were all together in the very large dining room, deserted except for our party of five. The meal was set up buffet style and was beautiful. Much variety in the foods and drinks available but still mostly cold meats, breads and cheeses. I had become quite accustomed to that type of breakfast but was longing for fried bacon and eggs, biscuits and gravy. After our breakfast we headed to Lichtenstein. I just like the sign above at the parking lot. The oddest things seemed to interest me.
This view from the castle grounds down onto the village was breathtaking. I could stand there and watch for hours.
I still think of the construction of castles like this and marvel at how many man-hours it must have taken to design and build such a magnificent structure.
At the bottom of the huge "hill" from the castle and located adjacent to the parking lot was a large "zip line" park and it appeared as if several youth groups were spending the day there. We just watched for quite a while.

It was amazing that no trees were damaged with this fun sport. The trees were all protected with wooden shints (for lack of a better word) with the supporting wires then wrapped around them. I never saw a nail or screw INTO a tree anywhere. What great fun for kids on a Sunday afternoon, zipping through the trees.

This was just a beautiful view and I wish everyone could experience it. It was almost surreal that this gal from western Kentucky was standing where so much history had taken place.

Hello down there! Winding paths leading up to the top were beautiful, too, and ever so much easier to navigate than hundreds of stairs.

We were able to find a cafe at the bottom, also, where we had a nice lunch before striking out again. This time Bridget had a nice sausage and a more traditional yellow potato salad with a croissant. (Okay, I branched out and had a slice of pizza.)
Back to the cars and on to the best part of the day. We headed farther south and east toward Austria and I cannot begin to tell you the majesty of the Alps! We found a gorgeous guest haus with an apartment available where we slept. The guest haus was situated at the foot of the Alps right near the Austrian border in the village of Nesselwang.
It had a restaurant where we enjoyed dinner and then retired back to our apartment for another exciting night of Scrabble and computer time. What an exciting group of folk we are! Oh, I got a "Spesi" a drink looking very much like a Pepsi which turned out to be cola with lemon and orange. NOT good! How I longed for a Diet Coke in a can!

Wayne's maps spread out to study on the sofa made me glad I was not the one planning our next stops!
The train rail right outside my window concerned me for no reason. The trains are almost silent and "whooshed" by all night. I went to sleep that night feeling nestled in a warm room at the foot of the Alps in a setting so picturesque it was too beautiful for ME to adequately describe.

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