Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Movin' On Down The Road

Friday, April 24, 2009
I awakened at about 7 a.m. to learn that Wayne had been up for some time. This was evident in that he was already outside. I repacked my luggage, showered and got ready for the day as soon as I could and joined him only to learn that Bridget was still asleep and he was waiting for her to get up. After another hour or so had passed, we were famished and decided to go on to the restaurant (where breakfast was included with our stay). I was fearful of a headache (caffeine withdrawal). We were instructed where to sit as the table was already set for us. Even though we never ordered breakfast, it began appearing anyway. First a tall, cold glass of orange juice followed closely by a large basket of a variety of freshly-made breads. Then came a tray of various cold cuts and a plate of mixed cheeses. Two hard-boiled eggs and fresh peach preserves along with a pot of hot coffee rounded out the meal. Still no Bridget.
We were seated next to a large window with a great view of the main street in Braubach and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast while "people watching". There was an older gentleman on the corner opposite the restaurant selling flowers. Wayne said he was there at 6 when HE first went down. As the sleepy little town awakened, we saw lots of ladies walking and riding bicycles and most had baskets with which to purchase fresh breads and other items for their day. Even older ladies rode bikes! I found that so refreshing.
Wayne and I enjoyed our meal and afterwards, he went to check on Bridget again. She finally rose at around 10:00 a.m. and was profoundly embarrassed at her tardiness since our hosts had gone to so much trouble for us.
After breakfast we loaded the car and set off to join Damion and Crystal. We finally succeeded in the early afternoon, but only after exploring the quaint castle of Braubach. It was huge to me and was only to be determined later in the trip that it would actually be the smallest we would visit.

We enjoyed a lunch in an outside cafe situated along the Rhine River. We did walk/drive to two more castles and decided to start looking a a place to have dinner and sleep for the night. The car tour with no schedule was fabulous!

Me enjoying lunch at the outdoor cafe. Okay, I had already eaten here and was just enjoying BEING there.
We found another Guest Haus right on the Rhine for the evening. It was the strangest evening of the trip yet and there is so much to tell about it that I will wait for the next post to fill you in! Good night all!

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Marie Reed said...

It always cracks me up when I eat cold cuts for breakfast in Germany! I'm having so much fun reading about your adventures!