Friday, May 22, 2009

Pool is Open

My niece Bunny called this afternoon, bored, and asked if I was interested in hosting a "spur-of-the-moment" cookout. She would bring kids, husband and food if I would supply the pool and the Granny. Well, as luck would have it, I had worked all morning to scrub up that pool and even had the water tested. All was perfect for a beautiful afternoon/evening of pool fun. Mom had a full day starting at the beauty shop for her regular Friday morning appointment, then on to the nursing home where she "helps" the "old" people play bingo every week. (I think that's so sweet.) Bunny's son Brandon sure loves his Granny and would even stop for a picture with her.
But BEFORE I started the "pool boy" job today I called my personal physician and made a quick trip. I've been worried about how the ears look in the back and I'm glad I went. He said I had developed a little infection and put me back on an antibiotic with instructions to go BACK to the surgeon who performed this little procedure next week. I called and am scheduled for Tuesday while dutifully taking the Keflex.

I know she doesn't look too thrilled in this picture, but she WAS tired and actually is still recuperating from her big birthday bash last weekend. Oh, after the bingo at the nursing home, she came back home, grabbed a bite of lunch and was off to the Community Room for Chapel House's monthly "Birthday Bingo" where she was one of the "birthday girls" this month so HAD to go.
Bunny makes an interesting relish for the grill. She takes a can of sauerkraut and mixes it with fresh chopped green and red bell peppers and a red onion along with a few pats of butter, folds it in aluminum wrap and throws it on the grill. It was YUMMY!! I will remember to do that. Oh, she added a dash of cinnamon (of all things) for an interesting bite.

Sophie the cat is still with me! I am amazed! It has been 6 whole days now. She still LOOKS pretty ferocious but today knows who feeds her and that I am NOT leaving. She had a great time playing with the kids and actually killed a bird in my yard. Now I really don't know what to think about that. It was really funny to watch her (sorry, bird lovers) but she just played with it till it died. Then even after it was dead she would throw it up in the air and leap for it just to smack it. I think I like this cat! But what do I do with dead birds after she's tired of them?

Brandon really enjoyed the pool, too. He has grown so that he can walk all the way across the deep end. The boy is TALL. Of course it is just a cocktail pool so is not TOO deep anywhere. Over MY head but still not deep.

Harmony Lynn and Bunny opted for the hot tub alternating with the pool for the "bubble" effect. It was almost dark before we could get Harmony out of the water. She will probably be shriveled up for days to come.

The kids had hot dogs on the deck while we old folks opted for the dining room table but still enjoyed watching Sophie try to eat their dinner.

Okay, it was a LONG day and Darrin was pooped, especially since he got to do the cooking tonight. Okay, there are SOME pluses to having a guy around. I just don't want one permanently, especially since Bunny said I could borrow hers whenever I wanted :)

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Bunny Cates, said...

lol. today was a fun day. and I got a blog update out of ya to boot?! woohoo!