Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birthdays and Books

This day did not start out so good and I should have taken that as a "sign" or something that it would not improve much as the day wore on. Okay, I got in my car, backed out of the garage and saw the cat sneak in. Left the car running, got OUT of the car, put the cat back out with a stern admonition to KEEP OUT. Got BACK in the car and pushed the garage door button to close it and the garage door goes crazy. Mr. Sophie is sneaking BACK in. This time I was not as sweet. I threw (okay, not too hard) him out the BACK door, locked it tight and RAN to the car, pushed the button and HERE HE COMES around the side of the garage and raced into the garage. If I were not such a humane person I would have left that little sucker in there to bake. I didn't think baked cat would smell too good, so THIS time I turned the car OFF. Got out and threatened that little sucker with his life and a heat stroke if he didn't keep out. I thought he was going to eat me! BUT the last effort was re-run and it worked. Of course, I got to work late, but they rather expect that.
Today was not particularly crazy at work so I left early this afternoon and decided to take Mother for her semi-regular visit to the dreaded Wal Mart. She was excited to get to be going two whole days early, but it is the bane of my existence. Running home to get my list, I remembered I had a trunk FULL of books from the library sale so called Mom to tell her to hang on, it would be a bit before we could leave. So I started dragging books, books and more books into the house. Finally empty, we were on our way.
Oops, I remembered the reason for the trip in the first place was for a book I need for work on Friday in CLARKSVILLE. Slight change of plans and we are off to Clarksville. Got the book and back to Hopkinsville. We made it through Wal-Mart with no catastrophe sighted anywhere, came home and unloaded, kicked off the shoes and exhaled loudly. Haven't done one more useful thing since.

By the way, I wanted to wish my sister-in-law Bridget a happy, happy birthday. She is the one and only and as I have no sisters, I like to consider her as one. You read about her earlier in all my Germany escapades this spring. Hoping she had a great day and it appears from the picture emailed to me earlier today, that my brother did good.
Until next time...........

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