Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goin' Home

Their parents might not have approved of a Three Musketeers or a pudding cup for breakfast, but hey, those are the things that memories are made of. And their last morning at Mimi's should be just the way they want it, and it was! While their laundry was being dried, folded and carefully packed for their return trip, they fired up their imaginations in the garage. Tristin made a basket for his "bike" from a cardboard box and managed to get it affixed with some cord he found in the garage while Sydney used the pet carrier for her stuffed animals. Yes, she finally allowed Tristin to take them for a ride.

Kristin and Jake were glad to see Tristin when he got home, but I think that lasted about 10 minutes and they were back to their old selves!

Sydney's little brother Hayden was sure glad to see her, too! He is a character for sure and will be starting pre-school in another week or so. Miss Kim will have her hands full with this one!

Granny (my Mom) made the ride with me and it is a long one if you do it in one day. 2 1/2 hours each way makes 5 in the car, but she wanted to go. The kids were all going to the last night of the county fair so we didn't stay long. Tristin entered the "mini" pedal pull. They put a sled behind a pedal tractor and based on the child's weight (for the class), they see who can pull it the farthest. Don't you just know he came in second place! I am so proud of him.

Sydney was right there to cheer him on (of course). I am happy and surprised that after all their "together" time they never argued and remain best friends.

I have to share this with you all. One of the funniest things I heard this week went like this....."Mimi, when you get really old and you die, don't you want to give your house to me and Sydney?"

Then just last night when Tristin was getting out of the tub, he proclaimed that he had decided just to stay at my house forever. We could take Sydney home if she HAD to go, but he was going to live with me. Isn't that sweet?

After the big tractor pull, they all went off to happily take in a few rides at the amusement park section of the fair. Sydney is riding with Hayden in the picture below.

It was a great week, just full of laughter and love and fun. My body is exhausted but my heart if full. I will remember this time always. I am missing them a lot tonight. We already had a little routine of getting "tucked in" and prayer time with all the "God blesses". Tonight, a SPECIAL "God Bless Tristin and Sydney".

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Kristi J said...

What a wonderful grandma you sweet...kj