Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stormy Summer Night

Generally, I love a good storm, be it summer, winter, spring or fall. But tonight is a little bit different as I did NOT have my yard prepared for it evidently. No furniture has landed in the pool (yet) but the old grill that was standing on its' last legs is standing no longer. I tried to get a picture of the hot tub cover HALF off and quickly filling with water, but alas, the lightning and torrential downpours kept me standing in the kitchen and trying to get a picture of said cover. About five minutes ago, I could stand it no longer and raced out with an umbrella to affix the cover. I was surprised that the hot tub wasn't FULL of water, but it's not! Sometimes I have a little good fortune along with life's unpleasant surprises.
Today was a much better day than yesterday all around. Yesterday I had to return to work after having been off for several days with the little ones. After doing payroll and a few other necessary things at work, I raced out to get Mom to an eye Dr.'s appointment at 10:00. They finally called us back at 11:30! That is a real pet peeve of mine as I feel that my time is at least as valuable as the Dr.'s. I will just remember to show up at that particular Dr. an hour later than the appointed time and perhaps the wait will be shorter. Then back to work and it turned out to be a rather busy day there.
Wiped out, I got home with a pizza from Little Caesar's and devoured half of it before my best friend Gwen called to tell me her niece Alicia and her husband Nathan were here and asked if I would meet them for dessert. Where? My FAVORITE place in the world to eat, El Bracero's!



Alas, I had just eaten the pizza and was SOOOO full! Off I went to meet Alicia and Nathan. I had met Alicia before, but wasn't able to get to the wedding last October because of a prior commitment, and was anxious to meet him.

I didn't remember to grab my camera, so all I got were cell phone photos and they're not very good, but it was really nice to get to visit with them for a while. Evidently Alicia had been here on Saturday visiting her grandmother and found a piece of furniture she REALLY wanted. So after work on Monday Nathan drove her the two hours to pick it up. Must be a really nice husband to do that!

They seem really happy and I am so glad for them. Alicia is really a fine young woman and they are both Christians. Besides that, Gwen LOVES her very much! I'm glad they are close friends in addition to being related. I had several aunts that I was fortunate enough to love very much and be close to. As I am getter older their health is failing and some of them have died, but the memories of those relationships will be with me always.

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