Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Memory Lapse!

I know I have a problem now and am just admitting it to myself. I can remember that I was off work this past weekend and remember Sunday, but have no earthly idea what I did before that! The Alzheimer's is hereditary, so just remember that before the criticism starts rolling in here.
Okay Sunday, I took Mom to New Salem to church. After church, we came straight back to my house for lunch and then feverishly peeled and canned tomatoes for the rest of the day.
Monday it was back to work with all the headaches that come with it just being Monday. After work I had a Republican Woman's Club meeting at the local Holiday Inn. Tina Fox, who is the Marshall for our state of Kentucky, was our guest speaker and very knowledgeable about lots of topics. She is pictured above on the left with Sandy Blake on the right, who is our local President. This was our first time meeting there and was much better than our last place. We did decide to keep meeting there at least until the end of this year. Hooray!
I got home and didn't get much accomplished simply because I was TIRED !
Today was a semi-normal day at work (whatever that means) but had to leave early to get to a dental appointment. Nothing earth-shattering there, just time for my regular cleaning. But hey, I get a new toothbrush and it only cost me $85.00.
I had an hour to burn after the dentist before time to pick Mom up and head out for our regular monthly Bunco game. We both love this crazy group of people and as an added plus, for some weird reason, Mom usually WINS ! We had a great time tonight but got home late again, as usual. The problem tonight was a sinkful of ripe tomatoes waiting to be canned.

Well, I have just finished peeling them and it is now 11:00 p.m. They are in the refrigerator and hopefully, I will have time to cook and can them tomorrow after work and before church!
I need to S-L-O-W down, I just don't have time.


Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

looks like fun! What is that Granny won, a serving platter?

Genevieve said...

Good for you for being an active Republican woman.