Monday, August 10, 2009

Turkey Tetrazine and Community Concerts

Yesterday was one of those Sundays that I was on call and didn't actually have to GO in to the funeral home unless I actually NEEDED to. Of course, I NEEDED to. I had to meet a family at 10:00 a.m. to make funeral arrangements for a husband/father/son who had died Saturday evening. That is always a two-edged sword for me. I WANT to serve each and every family I can, but I also much prefer to stay home when I'm on call, not getting dressed and leaving home unless absolutely necessary. Ah, the life I have chosen! I came home in the early afternoon and promptly received a dinner invitation to Mike and Gail's as she claimed to have made enough turkey tetrazine to feed an army. It presents well, as you can see in the picture above and tastes even better. No, I STILL don't have the recipe. Gail is a fabulous cook and excels at almost every dish she makes, but she sure is secretive with her recipes! I know it has pasta, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and lots of other somethings but I have no idea what. I just know it was great and I thoroughly enjoyed being in the company of good friends after a tough day at work.

I sometimes give pause and think about how much time we actually spend with our good friends, especially since our children and other family members live so far apart. We learn to love our friends like family and I DO appreciate them much. I am so blessed to have people here who love me, too.
Today was a regular Monday, and by that, I mean busy work. Payroll to get out first thing in the morning, reports to generate, plus all the paperwork for my new family. Four of us planned to go to the community concert at 7 and I was lucky enough to get my work done and delegate many things so I scooted out of there about 2 this afternoon. It was a hot and sultry day so I headed straight home, changed into my bathing suit, went out and jumped in the pool. I was able to stay there for a couple of hours before coming in to bathe and change.

We took lawn chairs and icy cold bottled water. Surprisingly enough, we sat on top of a little knoll and enjoyed a cool breeze all evening.

Mike and Gail wore their floppy hats (so did I). We were ready for some music and were not disappointed in the least.

Gwen went to the doctor today and had her pain diagnosed as a problem with her sciatic nerve with more testing to come. She had some pain medications in her tonight so was in a great mood!
This is a very loosely organized group of folks who meet once or twice a meet just to play. They have decided to share their talents with those who care to listen and WE were the lucky recipients!

After the concert with sunset upon us, we drove over to the local Dairy Queen for some frozen coffee treats (Mike had lemonade) and some nice conversation before coming home.
All is quiet now, it is storming outside AGAIN and I am ready for my bed. So until tomorrow, my blogging friends, it's lights out.....

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