Thursday, September 17, 2009

Girl's Trip Shirts

Excitement has been mounting as I've waited with great anticipation for this year's edition of our annual Girl's Trip t-shirt to arrive.  It gets a little harder each year to design something new and different in a different color than we've ever had but they are HERE.

Brown_County_2006 031 This 2006 shirt in orange quoted a popular saying of that year "What happens on the Girls Trip in Brown County stays in Brown County" and was one of the more popular ones :)

2009 Grandparents Day ALES 029Okay, just a teaser above !  I AM getting ready to mail them :)2009 Grandparents Day ALES 030 Ah, I LOVE them!  We've not used yellow before and either khaki or denim will look GREAT with them!

But NEXT year I want HELP !!!!!!

You'll read way too much about the girls trip in October so away I go to address those labels you see in the above picture......

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