Friday, July 24, 2009

Friends on Friday

What a perfectly gorgeous July night this has been! Three of my best friends in the world came over to get in the pool for a while but even though that was the intent, we ended up sitting on the deck with wine and water talking all night and just never got around to the pool. Mike had been fishing with his brother in Paducah today and had to tell us all about the BIG catfish that "got away". It seems his brother had it hooked, Mike ran to the truck to get a net, but get this, the net wasn't BIG enough. Okay, I've heard it all now, lol! The net wasn't big enough. I'm just glad he and his brother are spending a little time together. As we get older, sometimes it's harder to stay close to siblings who don't live near each other.

Gail had brought along some knitting or crocheting or something domesticated like that (I really don't even know the difference). She is making a coverlet for her granddaughters' bed. Of course the talk turned to grandchildren and from there to our Mothers. Gail's mother died a couple of years ago and it is still hard for her to talk about. Gwen and I both are having issues with caring for our elderly Moms. Mr. Sophie has really taken up with Mike and Gail, as you can tell from the picture.

Gwen is STILL painting her interior walls. She looked at some hardwood samples yesterday and is going to put down new flooring as soon as the painting is over. Her son Ross is getting all settled into his new job and new condo in Nashville. She's been working for us some at the funeral home lately and that's good for all of us. Even though she lives right next door we get all caught up with our respective lives and don't see each other as often as you might think.

Ah, don't my hor d'voures look great! Okay, this was very impromptu and I didn't have a thing to eat. I did pull out some chips and dip I had made last night. :) (Tip here, don't come to my house hungry unless I know ahead of time that you are coming.)

Ah, and in the middle of it all, Terry came to mow my yard. He is the sweetest young man. I tell him all the time that I am his "other Mom". I do love him dearly. He's a great husband, Dad and friend! I'm just so blessed with people to love !
And speaking of people to love, my oldest granddaughter Kristin is all registered for high school (!!) now. Ninth grade and it seems like that precious girl was just born a year or two ago. She is someone to be proud of and I'm so glad she's mine.
The littler ones will register for first grade next week. And Tristin is coming on Tuesday to spend a few days with me. This will be his first time without others so keep your fingers crossed for me that I can entertain him and that he will not want to go home. I SO love having my grandchildren to spend time with. Kristin and Sydney have both been here this year already and Tristin just thinks it's HIS turn (and he's right). Hayden, who just turned 4 last week, is still pretty attached to his Mom and is just not ready for an overnight visit this far away.
Mother has gone to her brother Roscoe's house for the weekend and I am worried. I guess I just worry when I can't see her. I know they will call if she needs me but I still worry.
Have a great Saturday my friends and if you think of me, just know I'll be working :)

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Bunny Cates, said...

well, when I come over you better have more then diet coke. if I have my driver, you have my permission to try to get me loaded. LOL.