Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mammoth Cave Fun!

What a FUN day I had today as I took Tristin and Sydney for their first-ever trip to the underground world at Mammoth Cave! We bought tickets for the Historic Tour that I thought would be a good introduction tour but still had almost 2 hours to wait, so off we went on foot in search of adventure! Six year olds are such a thrill and everything seems to excite them. We walked to a nearby picnic area where they delighted in spotting squirrels and posing for pictures.

They are true clowns and on Day 2 of togetherness, they are still best buddies. I still have my fingers crossed that they will remain like this, not just this week, but always.

Tristin was a little apprehensive when we first entered (he doesn't like total darkness and it was pretty dark initially) but as the tour proceeded, he quickly shed his fears and loved it long before it was over. They were wonderful about holding my hand, too. (I never had a free one.) They also made a game of sorts of looking out for my head, occasionally calling out for me to DUCK so I wouldn't hit my head on a low point in the cave.

The light jackets were perfect for the cool temperatures "down under" until we came out and it sure got hot quick then.

I think six is the perfect age for this adventure. There were some younger children in the group, but there was also some crying. I'm glad I waited to take them until they were bigger. They were enthralled with our guide and absorbed every word she said, listening intently. I was proud of them for paying attention and asking questions ie..... did Indians ever live in here? do animals live here other than bats?

Since Tristin drank a huge Gatorade right before we went in, I was thankful for the bathroom facilities halfway through. He sure felt better, too.

We were famished when we left, but it was late so we headed on back to Hopkinsville and stopped at Little Caesar's (their choice), came home and ate quickly. Then outside for a few bubbles and watching the bats fly around my backyard before bathtime.

We've had our prayer time and they are quietly playing with their Nintendo's for 6 more minutes. Then I hope to hear some quiet, regular breathing.
Again tonight, I am so full of love and thankfulness for these precious lights in my life.
My cup runneth over.

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