Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thirsting on Thursday

This is for all you "Mommies of toddlers" out there who won't even be able to go potty by yourself until pre-school...... I just got out of a luscious bubble bath I enjoyed along with a cool glass of white zin. Sorry, but there ARE a few perks to being 56 years old. Of course nobody noticed the bubble smudges on the sides of the glass, did you?
Today was my day off as I get to work this weekend so I had to make the most of it. I worked on my desk paying bills for awhile. Then went and picked up Mom and Belle, brought them here and worked in the yard trimming shrubbery for awhile. It took a lot longer to clean up my mess than it did to make it, I promise you that! Then I fixed lunch for us, took her to Food Lion for groceries, took her home, blah, blah, blah, you get the picture here.
By the time the day was done, so was I. So now you understand the bubble bath and wine.
Been thinking about men in general today and dating in particular. It seems peculiar to me that I have been approached for dinner dates TWICE this week and the week is not even over yet. I absolutely abhor "first dates". They are like some old country song I vaguely remember about first dates being similar to job interviews. They seriously are.
Admittedly, I have made some good and I hope, lifetime friends out of first meetings, but that is not the norm. I could write a book about first dates, I really could.
Some of the weirdest are the ones who tell you (on the first date) that they are only looking for a wife. Translation: cook, maid, etc.
I also think it odd that at my age most of the men I date are NOT looking for the same thing they did when I was 30. What's that about? I am. Oops, I shouldn't have said that.
I proclaim too loudly and too often about how happy I am being single and sporting all this independence, but then again, do I want to be 65 someday and all alone? Mr. Sophie and I tolerate each other, but he will not serve as a good life partner. And regardless of what you may have heard, I DO think cats die someday.
Well, I have not agreed to either of these dinner dates yet. I am really not attracted to either one of these fellas. A good friend gave me a cute hand towel with an even cuter saying on it that keeps coming to mind about now. LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO DANCE WITH UGLY MEN.
I'm going to pour another glass of wine and mull this over.

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Bunny Cates, said...

but even ugly men can have the heart of an angel.

So I would venture to say it depends on what you are REALLY looking for. Are you looking for a "life partner" to accompany you and Mr Sophie and your late after noon naps, or are you looking JUST for someone to do "those things" you did WAYYYYYYYYYYY back when you were 30?

I think you will find that good conversation and comfort cant be faked, but those things you did at 30 can easily be mocked with a new set of batteries.

I say, your conflicted and need to decide what it is for SURE you are looking for....

plus- you hot and fun. maybe take a few 30 year olds on a time or too, and theeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn commit to one of "the lifers".

hugs 2 u, you horny lonely ole goat... hehehe!

~Your most favorite niece EVER!