Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On Turning 50

Listening to the gentle rain outside my window and the giggles of two 6 year olds supposedly going to sleep reminds me of what a monumental year it was six years ago when I did turn 50.
My daughter April gave birth to Tristin, who is now 6 but will be 7 in October and my daughter-in-law Barbie had Sydney, who just turned 6 in June.
Today was their orientation into first grade at their local elementary school and I was so fortunate to get to attend and be a part of it! I only live 2 hours away, but when I must work, it may as well be 22 hours. I seize every opportunity to be a part of their lives, even if only occasionally. This is Tristin in the picture above with his Dad Bruce listening intently to all that Mrs. Hawkins had to say today. It was honestly a little MUCH. I think I'd have to take a class just to learn how to do all that parents are required to do today. It makes me worry about children whose parents are NOT involved (and I know there are some).
This is Sydney in the brown shirt and blond ponytail. She, too, is paying close attention to all that her new teacher is saying. I am just so proud of both of them. This is the first time that they will be in the same class. They DID attend the same pre-school but were purposely separated. They are just such big buddies, I hope this doesn't change. His table is just to the left of hers in the picture.

After orientation we loaded Tristin's bag in the car and went to Sydney's house to get her things. Loaded up and all strapped in, we headed for Mickey D's and some Happy Meals and on down the road.
We stopped in Nortonville to pick up my Mom who had been spending a few days with her brother, my Uncle Roscoe, who has cancer and is apparently not doing well these days. There is great concern and I don't know all the details but I know I got a kiss and some conversation. He seemed to enjoy watching the little ones play with his dogs out on the screened-in room he has off to the side of his house.
After the drive back to Hopkinsville, we got "Granny" all settled in and headed home. It took a while to clean up the McDonalds party that apparently went on in the back seat. I guess the secret is out now, the kids KNOW for a fact I don't have eyes in the back of my head or I would not have had sauce for chicken McNuggets smeared everywhere! It didn't take long to clean up, though, and the joy of having them makes it all worthwhile.
Bathtime came and went, a little playtime in the picture above shows them while they were pretending to be puppies under my desk, then prayers and giggles and now all is quiet.
To have little arms wrap around your neck and declare how very much they love you is more than I ever deserved in my lifetime. My cup runneth over.
They say your life changes at 50 and mine certainly did.......thank God!

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