Friday, July 17, 2009

Freaky Friday

Okay, so this is how I truly feel tonight! This is my weekend off and my weekend consists of Friday, Saturday and Sunday so on my Friday off I schedule errands for Mother. I took her to an early Dr.'s appointment, then to Wal-Mart, then to the fruit and vegetable market, then home to unload her stash, then BACK to her Dr.'s office to pick up the new prescription I ran off and forgot, then to my house to unload MY stuff and whew! THEN pull some weeds, clean the pool, wash the car, forget to wash the clothes, answer 100 phone calls and golly Molly, I am done in.

My own Doctor sent me a letter last week letting me know that he will no longer be seeing patients in about a month and I need to find another one. Geez, I just went through this 3 or 4 years ago when Dr. Crouch left me. I had to find Docs who were accepting new patients and that is not an easy feat in this small-town burg where I live. THEN I had to make appointments to interview them (I never forget that I am hiring THEM). Finally got all settled in with Tate and off he goes. I like my Mom's Dr. so asked him today and he certainly gave me a non-committal answer.

The conversation goes something like this...."I know you don't routinely accept new patients, but wondered if you would consider me since you see me here so often with my Mom, blah, blah, blah" and his reply was something like "well, I do give first consideration to family members, but , uh, well, the next time you need to see a Dr. call my office and we'll see if I can fit you in." AArrgghh! Is that a yes or a no? My options are so very limited here.

I have a great neurologist, a proficient eye Dr. and a very good botox man, but other than that, I'm in trouble here. Guess I just better stay healthy. (Okay, the bunion guy was pretty good, too. ) My fabulous back surgeon is in Nashville, though, so he doesn't count.

On to another topic tonight. One that only funeral directors may understand, I don't know. A friend of mine tragically lost her son last night in an automobile accident. Twenty-three years old and one of the most horrific things I can imagine. She and I are not close friends, but friends nonetheless. She is much closer to the owner of the funeral home where I work and other employees, but I guess everybody in this county knows her. Anyway, to make a long story short, they called ANOTHER funeral home. We are all in shock. Not just at the tragedy, but at the thought that she didn't call US. You never know. I will still (and always) be praying for her and her family. Oh well, Walter Cronkite's family didn't call us either!
THEN, when my younger brother Wayne was here a few days ago, I found out that Sophie-Cat is now and always was MR. Sophie! Wayne said, " what do you think those two round things hanging down on the backside are?" Well, Wayne, I never LOOK at the backsides of cats! This certainly answers a lot of question I had about this cat, i.e., biting toes, scratching people, etc. It's a "guy" thing. Oh yes, Mr. Sophie is still here, forevermore, I fear.
My daughter and her family are at some lake this weekend celebrating my son-in-law's birthday. My son and his family have gone to Gatlinburg for a few days (even though they couldn't? get away for a free trip to the beach with their Mimi) so I FINALLY have a weekend to get some things done around the house. I haven't done a thing this summer to my yard and it looks like it. One plus about waiting to get your annuals out is that if you can find any LEFT anywhere, they are dirt cheap. I found a bunch of something (have no idea what they are) at Wal-Mart today for $1.00. They are nicely potted in a couple of planters by the pool and actually look pretty good. I may get up some gumption and slip over to Lowe's in the morning to see if they have anything at all left. Gosh, this getting old business is for the birds. Planting annuals in July. Next thing you know I'll be strutting my bathing suit in January!


Kathleen said...

Yeah the Dr thing gets me. I had a Dr for 20+ years. She knew me inside and out! and she up and left but gave me some warning of about 3 months. This past week, my last dr of 8 years left without any warning and I still havent't gotten a letter telling me she left. Good thing i called THAT office! Anyway this is a good excuse to find a good doc at Deaconess.
and I can relate to the "why didn't they call me" thing. People I've known forever will buy a house from someone else and then say "Oh I forgot about you" duh. oh well. u take it easy and hope you find a new doc soon:)

Bunny Cates, said...

See, you should be like me and just NEVER go to the dr. LOL...

and I TOLD you Sophie was a boy! I told you! hahah!!!!

I'd be scratchin people too if I was a dude and my mom gave me a chick name! Now Im going to sing the my name is SUE song to him everytime I see him! hahah!