Monday, December 22, 2008

New Salem Carolers

As a joyous postscript to the day, as I was preparing to set the table for dinner tonight, who should show up but 30-35 members of my church !!

They piled out of Church vans and private vehicles and gathered in my front yard joyously lifting their voices in song (and my Christmas spirits). It was an absolutely breathtaking gathering of angels singing in my front yard. I surely hope my neighbors enjoyed it half as much as I did! I have had the most fabulous unexpected guests these past few days and am oh, so blessed.

Before finding my house, they went to Chapel House where my Mother lives and gathered in the foyer to sing. Many of the residents heard them and came out to join in the fun. I think it took mother an hour or so to stop crying enough to call me.

God is good.

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