Monday, December 29, 2008

Sydney's Day

Checking out at Peebles

Ready for the Movie to START

BOLT was a pretty good movie!

Sydney with her Hannah Montana cap

Checking out at Claire's

And how does this purse look?

First Manicure

Blue Nail Polish with Gold Glitter

Blessed is the grandmother who gets to spend an entire day bonding with one of four grandchildren! We had such a "girly" fun day and did everything Syd could think of that she wanted to do. Tonight's menu consisted of 3 pieces of bacon with macaroni and cheese! (and look how thin she is). Great child full of wonder, great day!

Tub time now so I have to RUN ! (literally) :)


Kristi J said...

You are one hip grandma to have a blog and take care of your grandaughter and take all those great pics!! Way to go!! My house is a wreck...that is how i accomplish so much with my kiddos...I let the house go a lot !! Have you always been in Hoptown?? Did I know you or do you know my family there?? Thanks for following my blog, kristi

Bunny Cates said...

LOL.. YAY Sydney!!!

Too bad I thought of the Teaparty a day late. Maybe Mimi can come get you again SOON!!!!