Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodbye to my Friend Maryanne

Sydney and I had a very good morning today. I had some work "work" to do in the office for a while, but she was an angel and entertained my housekeeper until I had finished. She watched me for a few minutes from the wing chair but that quickly became boring (to me, too).

She doesn't like to eat breakfast until she has been up a while, but when she finally decided she was hungry, she requested HOT DOGS, again ! One of the very best parts of being a Mimi who doesn't get to be with her grand children much is that I CAN do that, so yes, Syd had hot dogs for breakfast. I love it!

We spent the remainder of the morning getting her things together and playing a little along the way. We dawdled a lot, went to the post office and before we knew it, it was 2:00 pm. Her favorite place to eat out is O'Charley's and I just happened to have received a nice gift certificate for Christmas so off we went for a late lunch. Fortunately,
O'Charley's does not serve hot dogs, so her lunch consisted of macaroni and cheese with cheetos. The picture shows her with her ice cream dessert! How I have loved spoiling her these past two days!

After our late lunch, we took off for Hodgenville, where visitation was being held at the funeral home for Sydney's babysitter and my bunco friend Maryanne. This is such a sad thing for everyone concerned. (see previous posts) I did get an opportunity to seriously hug her 17 year old daughter Jessi and to speak to her husband, but I walked away with the somber knowledge that I won't see Maryanne again on this earth. Another place, another time, but not here again.

I have such conflicting thoughts, not about my faith, but about death itself. It seems that people expect me to feel different or that it should affect me differently because that's what I do for a living every day. When the day comes that I am hardened to death, that is the day I need to leave it.

I still write about my Dad a lot. He died in May and I am STILL dealing with the loss, almost daily. So friends, I am no different than any of you.

I will miss you, Maryanne, and pray for Jessi and her family.

As a postscript, on the way home I saw the most beautiful crescent moon I have seen in a long time. I used to date a fine man who called them "fingernail" moons, I think. I don't really even remember why, I just thought of that when I saw it and remembered him.

Somber thoughts are filling my head, not a good time to share. Until next time.....


Vince Gotera said...

Hey, Polly! I think the phrase "fingernail moons" refers to the pale crescent-like area at the base of nails (most people have them on their thumbs, but they're not always visible on the fingers). I have them on all my fingers except the pinkies. Here's the wikipedia article on them: "Lunula (anatomy)." See ya! --Vince

Marie Reed said...

What a marvelous Mimi! Grandchildren should always be spoiled!

Geri said...

Hi Polly:

Thanks for joining my blog. As far as grandmas go, they're suppose to spoil the grandchildren, and it doesn't matter if you see them every day. That's the think I remember most about my grandma, is all her spoiling of me.

Bunny Cates said...

Hi Auntie,

I dont think people expect you to handle it any differently. I think they expect you to be able to hide it better though. Not because of your job though. Because of your personality.

Like hubby was surprised I cried at Pepaws funeral. Because Im not mooshy weepy girl. But shit, sometimes you just gotta "release".

Process it how you have to. Getting through it is what matters.

Im sorry you have lost your friend.

As for Ms. Sydney. How stinkin cute is she. I wish I would've thought of the tea party earlier. Next time, you need to call us so Bug can come for a visit too. She would love to see Sydney more then just at the AGT. lol...

Happy New Year!