Monday, December 29, 2008

Sydney comes to Visit!

Yesterday Mother and I made the drive to Buffalo to get my 5 year old granddaughter Sydney and bring her back to Hopkinsville to my house for her very first overnight with me! It was the first time I had driven that far since back surgery and it really wasn't too bad. I used a pillow on my back and other than being tired, it posed no problems.

We went directly to my son David's house where Sydney was waiting to show me all her wonderful surprises from Santa this year! Apparently she was a very good girl last year!Sydney and her new Horse from Santa

David was outside working on a vehicle but I did at least get to see him for a few minutes. Her mother Barbie was, I could tell, choking back tears as we left but Sydney was in high spirits!

We moved on to my daughter April's house to visit for a few minutes so I could see the things Santa had left at THEIR house! April and Bruce, along with Kristin and Tristin, were all so excited to see us. Lots of hugs and love to spread around there! We did get to see many gifts and also "the missing tooth" from the boy with the big smile.

We didn't tarry long as we had a long way to travel. TRISTIN


Of course, we were all hungry so we stopped at Sydney's favorite place to eat, McDonald's, in Leitchfield on our way back.Sydney at McDonalds

After we dropped Mom off at Chapel House, we made a quick stop at Food Lion for dinner supplies. Dinner consisted of hot dogs and chocolate ice cream! I think I like having a five year old create the menu!

A sad note to an otherwise delightful evening. David, April and others called to tell me that Sydney's babysitter, Maryanne Carpenter, had unexpectedly DIED. My son works with the rescue team there in Larue County and actually made the run. I still don't know what happened exactly, but Maryanne was even a friend to me. I had driven to her house to play bunco several times and knew her relatively well. This is such a tragedy for their family as she was only 45 years old. She has a 20 year old son and a 17 year old daughter.

Things are still up in the air re: that situation but I think David and Barbie want Sydney to come back home for the services. We will know more later. Barbie asked me to talk to Syd about it, and I did, but very gently. She does not fully grasp what has happened, but we talked about it again right before she went to sleep and included Maryanne and her family in our prayers.

She is still asleep this morning but we have a full day planned! More on this later.....

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Bunny Cates said...

yay! Im glad she got to come! WOW about Maryanne!