Friday, December 26, 2008

Reflections on Christmas Past

It has certainly been a quiet Christmas for me, all in all. Of course, as you have read in previous posts, I had lots of company at various times, but not all at once, thank goodness.

There were few, if any, instances out of the ordinary unless you count Tristin losing his first tooth on Christmas Day. He has certainly been fearful of the pain, but was extremely excited about the "tooth fairy" coming the very next night after Santa came! Times certainly have changed since the tooth fairy came and left me a quarter. Tristin found $5.00 under HIS pillow.

My friends Mike and Gail had travelled to Lexington to be with their children on Christmas this year, starting a new tradition for their family. With the advent of a new granddaughter, Jolee, I guess this might have been expected. But all worked out well and they had a magical Christmas. I am glad they are back home safely.

I have been thinking today about how calmly this Christmas passed and how much I have to be thankful for. My back surgery has healed to the point that I know it is time to go back to work. I am scheduled to return a week from today. I hope my body will keep up. I have gained a lot of weight since being at home (hopefully due to the massive doses of steroids I had to take for a while) so will have to work diligently on losing some of this weight. I just feel better all over when I am not so heavy.

Brother Rodney is still here and is at Mother's. I didn't see them today as they had company there for the majority of the day. Spoke to them earlier and they were thinking about dinner. He is planning to take her shopping tomorrow and then maybe we will all go to the movies together. She needs to get out, but hope she is up for it.

I haven't started gathering Christmas decorations for storage yet. That is yet to come. Brenda and Mike Hale are great friends and are coming to help with that one day next week, we still haven't decided when. Maybe I will be able to take a few pictures to post!

My blog seems to have become a diary of sorts and not much is new around here. So, later my friends!

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Bunny Cates said...

Im glad you had a good Christmas.
You still need to post a picture of that puney Tree...