Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Work Day at Home and About

This was the mess waiting for me in my home "office" this morning when I got up, thanks to lots of wonderful company last night and reading until the wee hours today. So I put a big pot of coffee on and got right to it. I seriously set about to reaching for my organizational skills and it took about 4 or 5 hours of true diligence, but eventually it all got done. The bills are paid and mailed !! I'm so proud of me.

My poor house looked like a cyclone had been through here, but thankfully my housekeeper Teresa shows up on Tuesdays (if the weather's not too bad and if she is not sick). She is heaven-sent..... Teresa even goes to my Mother's apartment every other Monday and helps her out. Sometimes I think if my phone didn't ring every 15 minutes I could actually get into this :) Well, people care about me and need to reassure themselves that I am okay, so I guess that is a good thing.

After Teresa left I made my way to Walgreen's to pick up drugs for Mother. The parking lot was jammed and I had to wait until 3 cars left before I could actually park my car. Going inside the store was ANOTHER event!

I headed directly for the pharmacy and placed myself in a LONG line. I happened to be in line behind a nice young man with whom I naturally, struck up a conversation. He had stepped out of line for a moment and upon returning, got in line BEHIND me. I told him to get right back where he was which was directly in front of me. He said he thought the adage applied "move it and lose it" but I assured him we are in Kentucky and manners rule the day. (I wish that were true for everyone everywhere).

He let me know that he had been in a car with his wife, three children and the dog for more than 3 hours and was very grateful for common courtesy. Hopefully he will pass it on. I love to meet new people and hear bits and pieces of their lives. That young man was so frazzled and tired. But this time in his life will pass all too soon. The children will grow up and these days will be happy memories for him.

Took Mom her medicine. She is all packed and ready to go to Bunny's for a few days. Called me a moment ago to assure me she is picking up her apartment and putting things away tonight. I will miss her but want her to have a happy period. She is so depressed without Dad this year.

Going to eat leftover vegetable soup, my friends. Be safe.

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