Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year and New Beginnings

Ever since Christmas Day, I have been rounding things up from all over my house that will need to be put away for NEXT Christmas. I have found things in every room, even in the dirty clothes hamper! (Linens from the kitchen, etc.) Okay, I got everything laundered and think I finally have it all together.Christmas STUFF on a bed

My GREAT, good friend Brenda came over to take down my tree and box everything up all tidy until next year. This deal was cut when she came and actually put it UP for me. As in older posts, I had back surgery in November and have NOT been misbehaving.

Brenda truly did not appreciate having her picture taken, but of course I did it anyway. My niece Bunny really wanted a picture of my "puny" tree on my blog. I never saw anything wrong with my tree, but apparently it is the brunt of family Christmas jokes. Go ahead, I can take it.
Brenda taking down my tree

The tree is down and everything is in containers in the garage. One day next week, Brenda's husband Mike is going to come and move all that to a storage facility Mother and I have rented to store "extra" things so I can still get my car in my garage.

After Brenda left, I went to Clarksville and saw the movie "Valkyrie". I was greatly disappointed in Mr. Cruse with this outing. Of course, we all knew how it would end, but I do think he could have made it a little more exciting. Maybe it is true to history even though movies rarely are, but I never heard of the Valkyrie plan until this movie came out and have not read about it yet. So maybe I should reserve judgement, this was just my initial reaction.

Came home, made omelets and watched Anderson Cooper until midnight. Then listened to the fireworks from the neighborhood boys for a while. They had a great time. My daughter called at midnight HER time (Eastern) and then called me again at midnight MY time (Central). She is such a doll. Most of the time I am awestruck at her thoughtfulness, kindness, curiosity, gentle and loving nature. I am blessed yet again. Then OFF to bed.

I slept late this morning, knowing it would be my last for awhile (I go back to work tomorrow). Didn't arise until about 8:00 a.m. and set about preparing a New Years Day lunch for a friend and my Mom. Of course she fried the "hoecakes" or cornbread since she does that much better than I do. We had a semi-traditional meal of pork loin, black-eyed peas, mashed potatoes, cabbage and cornbread. I think we can make it another year!Mom frying cornbread patties

The meal was TOO MUCH, especially since I go back on Nutri-System tomorrow. I feel like an inmate and her last meal, so I took full advantage of it.

New Years Day Meal
My first Project 365 Photo!

One of Mother's friends from Hopkins County died and her visitation was at a rural church there, so off we went. She was happy to be able to go and visit with some old friends that she doesn't get to see very often anymore. I even saw a couple of cousins and it was nice to catch up with everybody's news. We haven't been home long now and I thought I should get to this while I had a chance.

I still have lots to do tonight. I have been working out of my home for the past few weeks and need to gather up all the things I need to take to the office tomorrow. It will be a long day and I am scared to see my desk there.

No resolutions for me this year, just hoping that my family and friends will be safe and happy. I love a lot of people and I love deeply. Makes for hurts sometimes, as we are all human, but the rewards far outweigh the risks.

The biggest things in my life in 2008 included my Dad's death in May, the trip to Disney World with both my children and all my grandchildren in October, the annual "Girl Trip" in late October, our beach week this summer, Tristin's swimming lessons, 2 five-year-old grandchildren beginning kindergarten at the "big school", many social gatherings with friends, Mother moving to Hopkinsville, and of course, the dreaded back surgery. There were more blessings than I could count, but I do try.....daily and often, for God is good. And good to me.


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Kristi J said...

wow, you've been busy! That lunch you had today sounded kind of food!! Happy New Year to you!! kristi

Bunny Cates said...

off to work with you lady!

Have a great first day back, and I hope you remembered your camera for "spur of the moment" shots!

You should tell April about P365! She likes photos too!

Geri said...

So sorry to hear about your Dad Polly. Sounds like you have a rough year with that and back surgery. Hopefully 2009 will be better. (This sounds like a year I had in 1990 - tons of problems and my brother died).