Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Day of Rest?

Sleeping in today was such treat! I didn't wake up until 7 and had 3 whole hours until time to scoot. I took Mom to church but that is not as simple as driving down the street. Our church, where she has been a member for many years, is 30-40 minutes away from here (if I hurry).
She had made a cake for the planned potluck afterwards. Seems the custodian of the church was retiring after 16 years of scrubbing the place down twice a week and we Baptists look for ANY excuse to eat. This was as good as any.
I had a Nutri-System breakfast for my lunch and my dinner is so fabulous I took a picture of it, lol. I am really getting tired of this, but if I want to wear normal clothes, I guess I need to LOOK normal. There's still about 4 inches of air between the closure on most of my skirts. Hey, it was about 6!
I got home about 2 this afternoon and took a well-deserved NAP! Eat your hearts out, all you mommies with little ones. Your time will come. It's an ugly trade-off, though. There's nobody here for hugs and snuggles, either. Sigh.
Laundry is running and dishes are dirty so I won't tarry long here as tomorrow is another work day. Funeral homes don't take holidays so off I will go.
I've been thinking a little about "Sully" Sullenberger and that miraculous non-crash landing of his. God was certainly the co-pilot that day. It is just phenomenal that each and every one of those folks made it to safety with no serious injuries. A baby was even on that flight! The water was frigid and the heroics of so many people were involved. Quick thinking and the unselfish behavior of those rescuers makes me proud to be an American. Three cheers to the Captain and crew!
Thinking warm thoughts,

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