Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hotel for Dogs

Sydney and Tristin at the Red Lobster Lobster Tank

Finally a day off work and I am just now getting home (it's after midnight). Such is life. But it was a GREAT day.

First, I want to tell you the news is not good for my Uncle Odis. He has bacterial meningitis compounded by his complications with his chemotherapy and things are just not looking good for him. All prayer greatly appreciated.

My oldest granddaughter Kristin called me early today and wanted me to COME, so I got ready and WENT. It's what grandmothers do, at least this one. I needed a hug or ten anyway, so off I went.

We decided to go see a movie tonight that she was really wanting to see. I took Kristin and her brother Tristin, my son David, his wife Barbie and their two children Sydney and Hayden. We had time so went to grab a bite at Red Lobster before the movie. The picture of Sydney and Tristin was funny. They got SO excited because one of them was walking. Of course, I didn't have my camera but I DID have my phone, hence the grainy photo.

No major escapades at dinner so off we go to drive 10 minutes looking for a parking place, then to stand in line OUTSIDE in the freezing wind for another 10 minutes and finally get in just as the movie was starting. It was pretty full and I had the dubious pleasure of sitting in the second row from the front. (Egads!)

Now on for the movie revue. The 3-year old was bored from the get-go. The 5 and 6 year olds were fascinated throughout the entire movie. The 14 year old loved it and I even caught the 35 yr olds laughing out loud a few times. So yeah, this is a good kid movie. Not animated, but no bad language, either. There was ONE kiss between a boy and girl and that could have been left out, but it didn't make me uncomfortable. The credits at the end were the best, though. They showed the actor dogs with their REAL families and that was pretty cool.

Taking Kristin and Tristin home wasn't an event but trying to leave there intact was. April, (their Mom and my daughter) couldn't wait to show me her new wii fit. It's all I've heard about since they got it Christmas. Turns out they already have ME in the thing, complete with gray hair. Okay, it weighs me and suddenly the caricature of me starts visibly growing. wii is not my friend already.

Then I do the balancing thing and it tells me my "real" age is 59. Wait a minute here! I'm 55, let's not push it. And to think , this hateful thing is on my Valentine's Day wish list. Since I'm not married, I get to buy MYSELF the Valentine gift, but I'm about to change my mind here.

Oh wait, I tried the hula hoop. Surely anybody can do that, right? Wrong. You have to catch hula hoops thrown at you with your head. What a joke. Plus, my son-in-law is sitting behind me on the couch (laughing). If this shows up in a video on utube, it's an imposter. Trust me.

Hula-hooping Mimi Polly outa here!

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Bunny Cates said...


you go Mimi with your hula hooping self!

Did Bruce REALLY record it? OMG, Im so calling them today. MUST SEEEEEE