Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mardi Gras Readiness

I got the invitations to my Mardi Gras party in the mail yesterday and have been working on getting them filled out today. Of course this was a work day, but I've had a couple of days to get my desk cleaned off and came home early.

We had a great Mardi Gras party last year. Lots of good food, great friends and plenty of fun. I find it amusing that as we have all gotten older, our parties seem to start earlier and end earlier. Heck, you can come to a party at my house, be the last one to leave and STILL be in bed by 10:00. And to think, I can remember not going OUT until 9:00.

We had the coolest folks cater for us last year from Po' Boys restaurant here in Hopkinsville, but this year they will be in New Orleans. Guess I will have to scrounge up a great jambalaya recipe and make it myself. Dirty rice is easy, pralines a friend will make, another friend is having shrimp sent in from Florida. The jambalaya is going to be my only problem. I am accepting recipes if anyone wants to volunteer theirs (tried and true).


Sorry the Titans lost the football game yesterday. I have friends with season tickets who had already booked their hotel room in Tampa. Well, there will be another year and another chance.

I fell off my diet today and feel the guilt weighing heavily on me. Almost as heavy as my body feels. Should I just go throw up? Nah, why waste good food? When I spoke to my daughter earlier, she was telling me about her wii fit and how it tells her every day how much weight she has lost. She tells me I really need one and that I would love it. I think that is just a kind way of telling me to GET IN SHAPE. It's just a little different when you are 55 as opposed to 31. She will know more about that as she ages. She carries my genes well, lol.

Grandson Tristin has his first wrestling practice of the season tomorrow night. I wish I could go, but am saving the drives for his actual meets. Last year was his first time participating. He did very well and loved it, I hope this year is as good for him. GO TRISTIN! I will post pictures later and yes, you will tire of them :)

I NEED to go do my laundry. Procrastination is a fine-honed skill I possess. BUT I still need clean underwear for tomorrow.

Until then,

Polly's Pen


Bunny Cates said...

if you choose to wear them, then YES clean IS best.


Kristi J said...

yes, Titans didn't pull through..but such a great season!! I was in Hoptown on Saturday for that shower..but back home today cleaning up from shower #2...Have a great week...and hopefully we'll be getting our baby's first pics this week..I hope, kristi