Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christmas in January

Christmas, Christmas, will it ever go away? My best friend and next door neighbor Gwen and I found ourselves (as everyone else does) busy, busy, busy all through December and somehow we just never exchanged gifts with EACH OTHER. Tonight was the night. Wow, as much as we had put it off, it was truly great fun.
She came over for a while and ended up staying for "girl talk" and gifts until 10:30 p.m. I think she really liked all her stuff and I KNOW I did. She is just always so extravagant, even though she is a single lady with a son who just graduated from Murray State University in December and is ABOUT to start another 4 years in Dental School. I just happened to be the lucky recipient of a very cool wine bottle opener that I will someday figure out how to use, a meat platter and matching bowl that look just like the rest of my kitchen. I have a picture of the bowl on here.
Today was my day off and I did get everything accomplished that I set out to do except laundry, as usual. Mother and I both got much-needed pedicures and I also had my fingernails done. Then we set out for Wal-Mart and that excruciating couple of hours.
We tarried so long there we almost didn't get frozen foods to their respective freezers before it was time for her Dr.'s appointment. Whew! We barely made it.
Isn't it something how I always seem to work harder when I am NOT working than I do when I am there? shh, let's don't let that little secret out!
Now all the Christmas decorations are at least in the garage and all the gifts are out of the house. Well, except for the new ones I have already bought for NEXT Christmas that are stored in the "Christmas" closet. And yes, Gwen already has a gift in there.
Merry Christmas!

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Kristi J said...

ahhhh, look at your cute blog style...where did you get that?? you are just so hip...i really need to make mine're inspiring me, ha kristi