Monday, January 12, 2009


Project 365/12

When I was off work for 7 weeks recuperating from back surgery, I had a plan. Granted, it was a loose plan, but it was a plan nonetheless. I was going to do all those things I NEVER have time or inclination to do when I am working. Today's Project 365 picture shows you all the books I was going to read! I realize that was a lofty goal, but I figured I would be laid up and not able to do anything else, so I would absolutely get it done. Well, there they still are.

Okay, I did read two books, count 'em, two. But I sure learned a lot! I learned that when you are off work because a physician says you are not well enough to work, you are not well enough to read, either. I was either drugged up on pain pills and too woozy to concentrate, or hurting too much to concentrate, or asleep.

Then when I got well enough so that I didn't take the pain pills, I wanted UP. My usual self wants to lie down (in my daydreams at work), but NOT all day every day.

I just don't know how those gals do it! You know the ones I mean. The ones with a remote in one hand and a chocolate in the other.

Okay, on to chocolate. I don't eat a lot of sweets, but I DO like to eat. Now try lying on the couch (or the bed) for seven weeks and doing the only thing you can do without causing pain, which is to eat. No, you don't have to cook because you have these marvelous friends who bring dinner every night. And dinner for one is not much, so you have leftovers running out the fridge. I tried to eat all I could so as not to appear that I didn't like it. I certainly didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings after all the work they went to for me.

Before surgery, I would have said, for little old me. Now, I would have to leave out the word little. So now, 30 pounds UP, I am back on rabbit food and Nutri-System.

Stop laughing, this is not funny. Okay, it is.

So until next time, just think of me going to bed hungry with a refrigerator full of food. And gals, if one of YOU has surgery, look out! I will be cooking.


Bunny Cates said...

its pretty easy the whole chocolate & remote thing. The hardest part is remember which hand to bite and which hand to push buttons.

Kind of like the whole rub your tummy rub your head thing.


Kristi J said...

If I ever have surgery, I'm calling you :) My girlfriend just lost 48 lbs on Jenny Craig and really liked them...I have several that use Weight Watchers...good luck with it all..I hate being hungry, kristi

Geri said...

I like chocolate too, and I know how weight gain goes. I broke my ankle in March and gained 25 pounds. I started exercising in July, and I've taken off all but about 10 pounds; however, it seems the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose.