Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January Bunco Night

Mom and Gwen
We all had a great time at Bunco tonight! Marla won first prize, Mom second and my friend Gwen third. Gail had bought the prizes for December but since we didn't meet in December due to inclement weather, we just carried those gifts over to this month.
For those of you not familiar with Bunco, the main reason for this little activity is surely the food with the fun and fellowship close behind. Brenda hosted this time and had Papa Murphy's pizza for us. It's a different kind of pizza place where they put it together, then you bring it home and cook it in YOUR oven. Of course, I'm still on this stupid diet so I didn't even get a bite of it. She made a Winter Warm Lemon Cake for dessert and it looked really scrumptious!

This is Sharon getting "ready to roll". Of course she had to win the booby prize for winning the fewest games, but that's always a nice gift, too. It's all about the fun anyway!

And last but never least, Frank doing what Frank does best! Eating. Of course, we had to have ONE man in the mix. He always makes it such a good time for everybody. Can't tell he likes pizza, either.
This historic day's post would not be complete without at least mentioning the inauguration of our nation's President today. Since I'm a pretty staunch Republican, all I can say is I sure am missing a lot of balls tonight! All jokes aside, I was able to watch much of it today with streaming video on the computer at work. It was such an event and I pray for our country and ALL it's leaders.

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Geri said...

Looks like fun. I don't know how to play bunco, but my sister has played and she said it was a blast.