Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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Ken Bond


You see, Ken CAN smile and act like he's having a good time.

FRANK GILES/Project 365/4

Frank, always doing paperwork.


Scott, on his cell phone drinking coffee.

I have not been able to post here for 3 days! Something is very wrong with my computer at home, but only when I try to get to use Mozilla Firefox for my browser, I have cleared my cache, deleted my cookies, rebooted my computer and am at a loss now as to why I cannot connect from that computer. I am at my work now (getting PAID to do this?) shhhhh..... If anybody has any ideas about what I can try next, let me know. I much prefer to do this from my house at 3:00 a.m.

I truly did not "get behind" in my Project 365, I just haven't been able to post anywhere, so they
are up now.


Anyway, here I am with updates, updates. We had such a sad, busy weekend here at work. After the funeral we had yesterday the funeral home is finally empty for a few minutes. This is the time we use to "play catch-up" with our paperwork. I know that most people probably think funeral directors just sit around waiting for people to die, but there is so much "behind the scenes" work that we just never seem to get caught up. Today is a very busy day filing death certificates, moving old files to boxes and creating new ones, ordering supplies, balancing the checkbook, catching up with business correspondence, etc. The list seems endless at times. Somehow we manage to keep it done and be ready for whoever needs us next.

My daughter got me a new devotional book for Christmas by Max Lucado and it has morning and evening entries with room for my thoughts. I realize I am probably one of the last people to finally get around to reading him, but I am blown away with this devotional book. It is the first time I can remember actually being excited every night to study. :)

I spent some time thinking deep thoughts last night about all the little (and big) bumps and obstacles we face as we live our lives. Raising children is never easy but somehow we all get through it. Someone that I love very much is just having a hard time these past few days and I feel helpless to be of any assistance. Although I am a grandmother now and have lived through so much of these things myself, I know it is hard for her to realize that "this, too, will pass". We all just pray to raise our children to be happy, healthy, successful Christian adults.

The phone has stopped ringing here for a moment (!) Tomorrow will be a day off for me and hopefully I can take Mother for a manicure and a little shopping for necessities, then back home to my piled up laundry.

Tomorrow's Project 365 WON'T be of the guys at work!


Bunny Cates said...

None of the images are showing.

if you want to email them to me, I can try to get them to show....

want me to come tomorrow to look at your computer?

Geri said...

Sorry to hear about your computer. I have no clue, my husband does all that kind of stuff. I was noticing the guys, they're all standing around looking like they need something to do. I supposed you're the one doing all the work, right?