Friday, January 9, 2009

Kristin is 14


Finally, after 5 days of being out of here and not being able to sign in to Blogger, whatever it was is mysteriously "fixed". Everything still doesn't act just right, but at least I am here.

I have NOT stopped the Project 365, I just haven't been able to put them on here.

Not too much has happened. I am working again this weekend so had Thursday off. I took Mother and a friend on a short shopping excursion to Hanson, Ky. They have a great Vanity Fair Outlet there and Mom used to love it. The wind was whipping cold and hard, so it wasn't pleasant outside, but once we got in, it was great. I hadn't been there for a long time, either, so of course, I loaded up my daughter and oldest granddaughter with un-needed underwear. What's a Mimi to do? lol.

The trip itself, instead of lifting Mom's spirits, seemed to depress her as she was reminiscing. I truly thought it would be nice for her to shop in a place she was comfortable and it had the exact opposite effect. She was so sad that she wasn't able to just hop in her car and drive over there whenever she wanted to anymore. You certainly can tell I am not qualified to counsel folks in any way, shape or form.

She got a new perm late yesterday after we got home and that seemed to lift her spirits and by the time she got back home from choir practice last night, she had forgotten all about it. Life is good.

My oldest granddaughter Kristin, turned 14 on January 8. I had to work and wasn't physically able to drive the 5 hours there and back after work for her cake, so had to settle for pictures. I can hardly believe she is 14. She is a beautiful girl, painfully shy but beautiful inside and out. She has a mini-pinscher named Jake that she adores and a little brother that she only tolerates.

When she was about 7 or 8, her parents allowed her to start spending a week each summer with me. Even after the other three grandchildren came along, Kristin and I still had our week together for "our" time. We have sure done some fun things throughout the years. Really, it's just been whatever she wanted to do. Sometimes my niece's little girl would come for a day or two, but Kristin is older than her and she has outgrown that.
Just another reason for me to anxiously await summer. I am missing her tonight and thinking of the day she was born. I was living in Fernandina Beach, Florida and waiting anxiously for her to come. I had packed the car weeks prior and kept the gas tank full. I remember vividly the phone call. I jumped up and ran out the door without even going to the bathroom. Truly, I remember THAT because I hadn't driven 10 miles until nature reminded me.
Of course, I don't remember the entire road trip, but I only stopped to hurriedly buy gas and call the hospital from a pay phone (yes, they still had them 14 years ago). I would talk to and encourage my daughter for a moment or two and off again. I know I was driving 90 miles an hour in the middle of the night through downtown Atlanta. God was certainly watching out for me.
Snow was gently falling when I whipped into the parking lot at KY. I raced up the stairs, no elevator for me, and ran straight to the desk and felt I was shouting (though later I was assured I didn't) that "I'm the Grandmother from Florida, where's my daughter?". They swiftly put a gown on me, I raced through the door JUST as she was crowning. She was born about 10 minutes after I walked through the door. Now I BELIEVE in Divine intervention, yes, I do. Every prayer I prayed was answered.
And Kristin is everything I prayed for.

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Bunny Cates said...

she sure is a sweet lil girl, growning up TOOOOOOOO fast!