Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Ice Storm 2009

Hughart & Beard Funeral Home Back Drive

Snap, crackle and pop all night long! We had warning that this was coming and I think everyone was pretty much prepared for this, or at least as much as they COULD be. Of course, the electricity has been out at my home for a LONG time. Judging by the warmth of the V-8 juice in the refrigerator, it must have been out most of the night.

We do have power at the funeral home today, so Frank came and picked me up on his way in this morning. Yummy, it feels great in here!

We have one funeral scheduled for tomorrow, but the family still hasn't decided when or if to postpone it. We will absolutely go right ahead if that's what they want to do. We'll just wait and see.

I checked on my neighbors before I left today as my whole neighborhood is without power. Betty is not well and Charlie says they are staying in bed to keep warm. I tried to get him to bring her to my house as I DO have gas logs in my fireplace and they could at least keep warm. My best friend Gwen lives on the other side and she says she WILL go over and get warm. Thank goodness.

Speaking of goodness, my mother lives in the Chapel House senior apartments here in Hopkinsville. When they were without power yesterday morning for a few hours, a local convenience store "The Dodge Store" took hot saugsage biscuits there for all the residents! Three cheers for the owners of The Dodge Store. I need to find out today who that is so that I can express my gratitude. Thank God there are still wonderful folks out there!

Getting paid for blogging is not in my job description so I will buzz off until later.

Keep Warm wherever you are!


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Kristi J said...

wow...what a storm you guys got...we didn't get anything like that here in Brentwood...just a little snow..nothing stuck!! Glad you have stayed warm and yeah for the sausage biscuit people....that was very thoughtful of someone...i have one sister with electricity there and one without...They are hanging at the warm house :) take care, kristi