Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Birthday Love Letter to My Son

David and Me on his Birthday LAST year

Always so PROUD of my Son

Making Faces as a Teenager

David with his Dad

David with His Sister

My Boy

David at Christmas

My Baby David

February 18, 1974

Thirty-five years ago today was undisputedly the happiest day of my life. God blessed me with the greatest gift, my son David. And today he is a man. A married man and father of two children of his own. A man I am so proud to know and to love so deeply, as only a Mother can know.
It seems we did everything right,his father and I. We married and David was born 5 days shy of our first anniversary and soon became who I was. I was a MOM. When I was a little girl growing up I can remember saying what I wanted to be when I grew up was a Mom. And here he was, all 5 lbs. 14 1/2 oz. of boy. He was small, but he was perfect. Kissing all his fingers and toes and rarely putting him down. David brought me joy, David brings me joy.
I won't go into a long discertation reviewing his life. He was a typical little boy, rough and rowdy but always laughing. He is still usually smiling.
He has always been a daring child and has been in many accidents, usually involving a 4-wheeler of some sort and a tree or other immovable object. I have spent many hours praying for healing for him.
He married Barbie and blessed me with two adorable grandchildren, Sydney and Hayden. And yes, I love them more than I can say. But there is nothing to compare with the love I have for their Dad.
I am so proud to know him. And I am so proud I can call him my son.

Waiting for David


Bunny Cates, said...

GREAT post! I tried to call them today, but no one answered...

oh well, he knows we loves him.

Kristi J said...

Oh, that this the cutest post ever!! I love all the old pics, especially the one of you pregnant with David..You are too cute. I was also born in 74 and will turn 35 in September...You have a handsome son and I LOVE how proud of him you are....and I already know you're the best grandma around...Your love for your family is so evident...Thank you for your sweet comment...You always make me smile, kristi