Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Extraction

Polly's Pretty Teeth
in a very old picture

Sorry I haven't been here for the last few days. I've been anxiously awaiting the appointed time and place to have "THE TOOTH" problem taken care of. In a prior post I had been to the dentist on Feb. 16th and came away with a diagnosis of an abcessed tooth that absolutely could not be saved.

Today was the day. I worked most of the day saving the worst till last. After leaving my car at the shop this morning and receiving a call informing me of the WIRES showing and having to make the unplanned purchase of 4 new ones, off I went to the dentist.

This is much worse than it sounds, but of course I am a "whiner" from way back. Dr. Randy knows this and I'm sure, prepares himself for me before my arrival. I was so nervous that when the girl called me from the waiting room, she had to wake me up. Another lady there was laughing because she said I was snoring. Umm, ladies don't snore, but I didn't take time to correct her.

Required INJECTIONS into my gaping mouth brought tears to my eyes. (This is probably making most of you queasy about right now.) Then he comes toward me with this HUGE set of what looks like clean wire pliars and begins loosening my tooth, working it back and forth, back and forth. I grabbed his arm as I thought my jaw was breaking. He truly didn't think that part was too funny and gave me a second to chill out. Back again with the pliars and out comes the biggest, ugliest thing you have ever seen!

Dr. Randy declared that to be the tooth, but that's not what it looked like when I faithfully brushed and flossed ?????

Home again, home again. PJ's on and longing for food. I finally found a can of french onion soup and have drank it down. Yummy, not, but filling nonetheless.

My whole jaw is hurting. I am the one who refused a prescription for pain pills. My jaw is REALLY hurting.

Take care of your teeth. I'm trying.

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